According to a tweet by Elon Musk, Twitter’s new CEO is Linda Yaccarino, who was the Chairman of the WEF's Taskforce on the Future of Work. NBC confirmed that its head of advertising is...
TikTok's Chinese parent company, ByteDance, has launched a new social media site called Lemon8, amid federal and state efforts to ban or restrict TikTok in the country over national security concerns. In the days...
Jack Dorsey, along with Jeremie Miller, the inventor of the communication protocol Jabber/XMPP, and Jay Graber, CEO of Bluesky, are board members creating the Twitter alternative Bluesky. Jack Dorsey is taking another whack at...
According to the revenue breakdown posted on the Twitter website, Elon Musk earns $1.2 million from his Twitter account.
According to a recent tweet by Elon Musk, Twitter users can now monetize "any material" and keep all profits for 12 months.
Rice Purity is a popular online test that has gained traction among young adults, especially in college and university settings. Lets see how you can check what your rice purity is.
Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That told the BBC in an interview that the company has scraped 30 billion photos without users' knowledge over the years from various sources, including Facebook, to build its facial recognition database.
After Substack announced a new feature called Substack Notes, which essentially brings a social media-like feed with tweet-like posts to the newsletter platform, Twitter appears to be going to war with Substack by blocking likes, retweets, and comments on tweets that include a link to a Substack newsletter.
Gigachad is a larger-than-life figure who gained popularity as a meme character on the internet. He is often depicted as an exaggerated, hyper-masculine character with exaggerated physical features, including an idealized muscular body, chiseled jawline, and confident demeanor. The term "Gigachad" is often used to describe an archetype of the idealized alpha male, representing an extreme form of masculinity in the online meme culture.
Belle Delphine is a South African-born British internet personality who gained massive popularity on social media platforms for her unconventional content. Born on October 23, 1999, in South Africa, Mary-Belle Kirschner, aka Belle Delphine, moved to the UK with her family at a young age. Here's everything you need to know about Belle Delphine, the South African-British internet celebrity.