A recent study published in Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science has revealed that smoking shrinks the brain and quitting doesn’t restore size. A recent study demonstrates that smoking causes...
Joe Biden has officially declared that the US is now under an energy emergency and is blaming Russia and the Russia-Ukraine conflict for this crisis.
This excerpt from The Hunt For The Treasure Of Vijayanagara Empire details the tragic situation of the tribals in India akin to the Helots - a derogatory term used by the Romans to indicate non-Romans in their country, intermediate in status...
A recent report found that adults in the US check their mobile phones, on average, 344 times a day, which shows how it has changed our brains.
The big mystery regarding why COVID spares children still exists, but some emerging explanations suggest that children's innate immune systems respond faster, potentially reducing their risk of severe respiratory infections.
A new paper titled 'Cytoelectric Coupling' by researchers at MIT, City University of London, and Johns Hopkins University is a groundbreaking hypothesis on how our brains function. Brain waves...
Mayor Eric Adams revealed on Monday at an event for the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice that NYC will track the carbon footprint of residents’ food purchases.
A new study conducted on Microsoft's employees shows that working from home is less productive over the long term due to compact networks with few connections among other reasons.
Nordlingen is a bizarre small town in Bavaria, Germany where the buildings are laden with diamonds and built inside an asteroid crash site.
The Polar vortex 'spinning backward' above the Arctic after a major reversal event triggers atmospheric upheaval, including an ozone spike, due to sudden stratospheric warming, impacting global weather patterns.