There has been a fair bit of ruckus surrounding Nancy Pelosi's son who has gotten himself exposed quite recently. Concerns have been raised over his connections to the criminal underworld.
Spain'S former King Juan Carlos I was injected with female hormones as his rampant sex drive was a danger to the state, the country's most infamous police chief has claimed.
Rachele Mussolini, the 47-year-old granddaughter of Italy's Benito Mussolini, has garnered enough votes in Rome's municipal election for a second term as a city councilor.
A top diplomat of the UAE visited New Delhi, just the day after military chiefs from India and Pakistan decided to respect the 2003 ceasefire agreement.  Officials say that the ceasefire is the first step towards the peace between India and Pakistan. Reinstating envoys in India and Pak will be the next step, as per officials. Talks on resuming trade and Kashmir can follow after that.
The Chief Minister of an Indian state of Uttarakhand says America ruled India for 200 years. Tirath Singh Rawat, had made the statement where he mixed the British Empire with the U.S.A.