A secret oil deal between China and Iran at the heart of the One belt One Road project will change the geopolitical balance of power in the Middle East. The manufacturing products created by utilizing cheap Iranian resources will...
On the Russian exchange, the US dollar was trading higher than the euro. This renders the dollar stronger than the euro for first time in 20 years.
Russian President Vladimir Putin declared at a conference with the administration on Wednesday that Russia would only accept ruble payments for gas shipments to "unfriendly countries." This could indicate the resurgence of the Russian economy and the rise of the PetroRuble.
The History of Oil One of the most important relationships was influenced the most by these 10 influential figures.
According to local sources that spoke with SANA, the US has resumed theft of Syrian oil hours after an attack. Tanker trucks were seen being taken out of Syria as part of a 148-vehicle convoy that crossed the border.
Europe would be on "red alert" for gas supply over the upcoming winter and it is the consequence of their actions. This comes amid reports of EU importing more U.S. LNG than Russian pipeline gas for the first time ever.
The US Maritime Administration of the Department of Transportation has approved Enterprise's Sea Port Oil Terminal's proposal to build a huge Gulf oil terminal.
The president asserted that sanctioning Russia was no longer sufficient for "Anglo-Saxons." He further added that the Anglo Saxons went ahead and sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines.
While whispers of the current emerging market debt crisis, the result of the rapidly strengthening dollar, could be heard throughout the summer, virtually no one predicted the blow the dollar’s rise would deal to some other developed economies. But with the dollar reaching levels not seen in a generation, a battering is precisely what several are being unexpectedly dealt.
Saddam, Gaddafi, Iran, Venezuela – they all tried but couldn’t do it. But Russia is on a different level altogether. The beauty of the game-changing, gas-for-rubles, geoeconomic jujitsu applied by Moscow is its stark simplicity.