Thursday, June 13, 2024
According to data from the National Interagency Fire Center, four decades of U.S. wildfires have destroyed millions of acres, as visualized below. The extended wildfire season in North America...
The US Fish and Wildlife Service plans to send hunters to kill half a million barred owls to save its endangered cousin, the California spotted owl. The lives of...
The catastrophic wildfires in Hawaii that may have taken the lives of many innocent people reportedly have a known cause. This finding challenges the climate change narrative often discussed by Democrats.
One of the cheetahs who was part of the first batch of cheetahs flown into Madhya Pradesh from Namibia last year, named Sasha, has died in Madhya Pradesh.
Techies Arpit Maheshwari and Sakshi Bhatia gave up their high-paying jobs in the US to buy a 1.5-acre plot in Madhya Pradesh and begin farming. The couple, who were inspired to make the move after they went backpacking through South America, said that earlier they felt disconnected from nature and that farming was a way to give back to the environment.
A survey that is part of a global study by the Mountain Invasion Research Network has revealed that road and rail expansion have carried alien invasive species high into the Himalayas in Kashmir.