Just before the outbreak, the NIAID, headed by Dr. Fauci, funded a grant for monkeypox treatment research, especially tecovirimat.
A series of monkeypox outbreaks has prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to call an urgent conference to discuss the virus and its worldwide spread. Critics however claim that the monkeypox games are going to lay groundwork for the WHO pandemic response takeover.
A hilarious travel alert was issued by the CDC in response to the spread of Monkeypox in over 20 countries.
A new study published in the scientific journal Virologica Sinica of the Wuhan Institute of Virology says that their lab isolated virus strains related to monkeypox in 2021.
Twitter censored Prof. Shapira, a top Israeli physician who claimed that monkeypox is related to mRNA vaccine, hopes to draw more attention to the death and destruction that these vaccines are delivering to so many people throughout the world.
Experts have recently raised concerns about the growing dangers posed by the production of deadly diseases in laboratories, which could be unleashed into the wild either accidentally or deliberately by unscrupulous actors. Meanwhile, a report (read full report below) has warned of a new pandemic warning after 250 million people died of a genetically modified strain of monkeypox in a war game simulation similar to Event-201 conducted just before COVID-19 hit the world.
UK health officials have cautioned that the country is facing a "significant" increase in infections, and that the government's reaction is "critical" in halting the spread. Meanwhile, Belgium has begun monkeypox quarantines.
The pandemic brought to light the risky research methods that the government had financed for years despite opposition. And yet, the US government is creating a deadly hybrid monkeypox strain.
Monkeypox is not understood to travel easily between humans. There has been a lot of speculation regarding it's origins and one of the more prevalent ones is the origin of monkeypox according to China.
Suddenly, everyone is talking about Monkeypox, the smallpox-like disease that has surfaced in recent days in both Europe and the United States.