Sunday, June 16, 2024
Jennifer Homendy, the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, said that the container ship Dali lacked a backup power system to avoid the Baltimore Bridge strike.
According to the NTSB investigation, on March 25, the cargo ship Dali was hit with two blackouts during maintenance before ramming into the Baltimore Bridge. A preliminary...
Following Baltimore's incident, the Galveston Bridge collapsed after a large barge struck it. Concerns over bridge safety intensify amid infrastructure challenges across the US. America's infrastructure is still failing...
According to the shipping blog gCaptain, using the Automatic Identification System (AIS) data that tracks commercial vessels, the Pentagon's Rapid Wartime Response cargo ships are trapped in Baltimore after the bridge collapse.
According to data from Vessel Finder and the maritime incident archive Shipwrecklog, the cargo ship that collided with the Baltimore bridge, named the Dali, was also involved in a collision in Antwerp in 2016.
After a fire broke out in one of the cargo decks in a cargo ship full of porsches, bentleys and VWs, it is now adrift in the Atlantic.
In one of the largest ever seizures in the world, 3,000 kg heroin smuggled from Afghanistan has been seized by Indian authorities at the Mundra port in Gujarat.
The famous or notorious HAARP does not exist anymore. Nobody is anymore inside its installations, the roads leading to it are blocked, the buildings are locked and the generators are out of service. The once nervous guards on the front gate of the establishment are no longer there. A station that cost just over $290 million and was home to countless scientific experiments for over two decades has closed.
During the weekend when Iran signed a 25 years infrastructure and investment agreement with China, Iran's ambassador declared that the new North-South Trade Corridor across the region could become a prime 'alternative' to the strategic Suez Canal waterway. Suez Canal was recently in news as one of the biggest cargo ships 'Ever Given' had got stuck and blocked the canal.
The project to construct the world's first ship tunnel has got the green signal and it will be built through the Norwegian mountains. This ship tunnel will be helpful in navigating the Stadhavet Sea.