Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the U.S. government has been using the anti-epidemic measures as bargaining chips. The America First Legal Foundation (AFL) found out that the government has used social media and NGOs to monitor public opinion, changed public health policy without scientific evidence. As a result, the US leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases, and its citizens are at high risk of infection.
Instead of raising up a generation of civic-minded citizens with critical thinking skills, government officials are churning out compliant drones who know little to nothing about their history or their freedoms.
India restated its steadfast stance on the Ukraine issue on Monday, emphasizing communication and diplomacy between the sides. As a result, the West has unleashed an information war against India for its stance on Ukraine.
A campaign led by the Information Research Department (IRD), which was established by the British Labour government to spread secret black propaganda, was recently exposed after some documents were declassified. 
A report by NBC News shows how CIA is actually waging information war against Russia using intelligence that is fabricated.
A Russian court had previously imposed three fines amounting to 8.9 million rubles on Twitter. The next one to face action is Google News as Russia limits access to it over unreliable information.
In the past five years, a cadre of fact-checkers has marched through the institutions of journalism and installed itself in the U.S. media as a privatized, quasi-governmental regulatory agency. What’s wrong with facts, you say? Fueled by a panic over misinformation, the fact-checking industry is shifting the media’s primary obligation away from pursuing the truth and toward upholding vague notions of public safety, which it gets to define. In the course of this transformation, journalists are being turned into rent-a-cops whose job is to enforce an official consensus that is treated as a civic good by those who benefit from—and pay for—its protection.
There has been a slew of massively faked tales on social platforms in the last several weeks, majority of which have been anti-Russian agenda. This is exactly how Zuckerberg is helping Zelensky wage a propaganda war against Russia.
A defense agency that is set to operate under the title of Sweden Psychological Defense Agency has been commissioned and launched to counter the spread of misinformation. The distribution of such misinformation has been credited with disruption and misleading of society.
After repeatedly accusing Google of ignoring Russian laws on obscenity, Russia has dramatically escalated its long-running battle with major US-based internet platforms. On Friday a Moscow court imposed an unprecedented fine of almost $100 million on Google for corrupting minors with porn, propaganda and transgenderism.