Tuesday, May 21, 2024
The Indian army's "play safe" strategy is enforcing buffer zones and limiting the movement of graziers along the China border. India has essentially lost access to 26 out of 65 Patrolling Points in eastern Ladakh, says a research paper.
The Indian government has been accused of ceding land in Himalayas to China. There have even been locals who report that 'buffer zones' have been constructed in formerly Indian-controlled areas.
According to a report by New Kite Data Labs, the Chinese military is collecting voice data samples of Indians from sensitive border areas for mass surveillance through an Indian middleman.
Satellite images show Chinese village just 9 km from Doklam plateau. Construction along the Amo Chu puts Indian forces at risk of Chinese forces gaining access to a strategic ridge on the nearby Doklam plateau.
The recent times have witnessed China inventing fictional names for Arunachal Pradesh that simply did not exist before. A total of 15 provinces in the state have been given new names by China which led some to take a deep look into the matter. The names pertain to eight residential districts, four mountain summits, two rivers, and one mountain pass.
There is a serious concern among Indian security experts that after almost 50 years the Indian government is now conceding to the 1959 Chinese border offer that was rejected by then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru calling it a deceptive tactic to annex foreign territory.
China has reportedly sent its Super Soldiers equipped with exoskeleton to the disputed Himalayan border with India.
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China has occupied Rui village of Nepal and removed the boundary pillars to legitimise its annexation. China has gradually made inroads into several Nepalese territories with an objective to seize complete control. Rui village in Gorkha district is now...