Thousands are being forced down the path of castrations, mastectomies, and a lifetime of drug addiction by the trans conveyer belt. These are the true stories of the horrors of transgender surgeries.
According to new reports, Lebanon has become the latest Arab nation to go "rainbow hunting" after instructions from Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi.
A new report on Tablet Magazine explains how the billionaire Pritzker family is engineering synthetic sex identities and established the Tawani Foundation in 2002, with the goal of funding a range of medical organizations that provide gender care.
Global Butterflies, a transgender lobbying organization, developed a campaign in which BBC journalists were instructed to further the LGBT cause by using their power. Now the BBC is instructing journalists to use their political influence to push the transgender ideology.
The LA County Superior Court received a petition from Elon Musk's transgender daughter in April seeking a name change to disassociate herself from him.
In recent years, the number of children experiencing gender dysphoria in the West has skyrocketed. Here is why detransitioned teens regret changing genders.
The parents, Foote and Silvestri claim they were uninformed of their children's transitioning. The Parents proceeded to file a lawsuit accusing school of secretly transitioning their kids to the opposite gender.
An announcement was made by the the State Department stating that the US will issue gender neutral passports with a third 'X' gender on Transgender Day of Visibility.
The narrative that the Biden administration is pushing is that they have "launched a whole-of-government effort to protect reproductive rights." But what it potentially could be is a $2.6 billion "gender equality" request that might fund abortions in foreign countries including India.
A California mother is pursuing legal action after her seventh-grade daughter was subjected to "predatory" and "grooming" behavior by teachers and school administrators in order to brainwash her into identifying as transgender.