A new report on Tablet Magazine explains how the billionaire Pritzker family is engineering synthetic sex identities and established the Tawani Foundation in 2002, with the goal of funding a range of medical organizations that provide gender care.
The Democrats and Democrat-adjacent organizations were looking for a new way to galvanize their base and solicit funding, and transgender funding was the answer. Republicans were frankly the last to catch on. A common...
According to new reports, Lebanon has become the latest Arab nation to go "rainbow hunting" after instructions from Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi.
According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Psychiatry (AJP), it has been found that transgender surgery offers no mental health benefits, as indicated by the new study. Transgender surgery, also known...
Thousands are being forced down the path of castrations, mastectomies, and a lifetime of drug addiction by the trans conveyer belt. These are the true stories of the horrors of transgender surgeries.
The nation's top early childhood development organization, which has received more than $230 million in federal funds since 2008, claims that children as young as two years old can show signs of "transgender identity" and encourages educators to "use tenets of Critical Race Theory" when they work with newborns.
A California mother is pursuing legal action after her seventh-grade daughter was subjected to "predatory" and "grooming" behavior by teachers and school administrators in order to brainwash her into identifying as transgender.
According to a recently conducted study, gender-confused teens committed suicide after taking trans hormones from researchers.
The narrative that the Biden administration is pushing is that they have "launched a whole-of-government effort to protect reproductive rights." But what it potentially could be is a $2.6 billion "gender equality" request that might fund abortions in foreign countries including India.
The governing Federal Council was quoted as saying that the binary gender model is still strongly anchored in Swiss society, hence rejecting a third-gender option on official records.