India is exploring a rupee payment mechanism with the objective of trying to guarantee that Russian banks and firms open accounts with state-run Indian banks in order to settle trade settlement. This entire scheme is for the purposes of establishing trade with Russia and to avoid sanctions.
A bizarre Saga of bankrupt western economies and their multinational business houses’ incredulous and laughable economic plan to Develop Indian Retail sector at the expense of their economics with non existing FDI from their phony FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) Operation...
Contrary to popular belief, as per recent data by the Indian commerce ministry the two-way trade between China and India last year stood at $77.7 billion, making Beijing New Delhi's largest trading partner during the period.
In the previous parts of this ongoing Foreign countries Dictating India Series we saw how after the collapse of the US economy in 2008, the Dubai Economic Miracle experiment was hatched to get rid of the Dubai FLU via...
Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov underlined this week that the country will settle the bill in rubles should the dollar transfer fail. But this has led to concerns as for the time being, Russia has managed to avoid default after J P Morgan processed the funds.
The following excerpt from the Who Benefits From FDI – India Or Collapsing Western European Economies? from the Foreign Countries Dictating India Series focuses on the background of India Inc. and its role as an intermediary between Government of India and bankrupt...
Since the high of the indexes in October 2021, the markets have fallen by almost 17%. Taking the current volatile situation into consideration, a black swan event might just trigger $100 billion capital outflows from India, warns the RBI.
Reliance began stealth seizure of Future stores on Feb. 25. Much of Future management was in the dark about the takeover according to sources. Reliance wants to rebrand the stores and keep Future employees on  as per sources. After the takeover of stores, Amazon and Future would commence talks.
The Vatican stands to lose 100 million pounds in charity donations with the sale of a London luxury building at the centre of a financial scandal, a report said Monday.
A notification from the RBI has announced that India now allows international trade settlement in Rupee with Russia, Sri Lanka, and other nations.