Gazprom and Iran sign a tentative $40BN energy deal as Russia threatens the Europe gas supply. Gazprom will help the NIOC construct six oil fields in addition to the offshore gas reserves in the Kish and North Pars regions.
The statistics show that the majority of automakers have moved their attention to BEVs. This shift happened after they considered the lithium ion battery vs the hydrogen fuel cell debate.
The decision by Russia to transfer ownership of Sakhalin-2, one of the largest LNG projects in the world, might kick out the West from key energy deals as a reply to the sanctions.
With oil and energy becoming a major source of worry for billions of people as 2022 drags on, India has positioned itself in quite a nice situation. This is predicated on the fact that Russia has become India's second largest oil supplier.
Joe Biden has officially declared that the US is now under an energy emergency and is blaming Russia and the Russia-Ukraine conflict for this crisis.
The fact that New Delhi is defying Washington's call for a boycott of Russia demonstrates the West's declining influence over the rest of the globe. Now, India is set to get Russian oil to avert power crisis triggered by heatwave ignoring western sanctions.
The crisis in Ukraine is making Saudi Arabia which is one of the cheapest sites in the world to produce crude and it's royal family very rich.
Sri Lankan locals are desperately looking for someone to criticize for their current situation, and they have narrowed it down to Beijing and its debt diplomacy. The situation has deteriorated to the point that Sri Lanka is turning off street lights as the energy crisis worsens.
Owing to the rise in crude oil prices, a record rise in the petrol and diesel prices is regularly experienced across India in 2021. A record rise in the price of coal and natural gas is also seen amid an intensifying energy shortage. Why are fuel prices rising and how rising global fuel prices are impacting India?
Facing energy crisis the Gujarat government has decided to buy power from Tata at a rate higher than mentioned in the purchase agreement. The move came after Adani’s plant at Mundra and Essar Power’s plant at Salaya stopped supplying power to Gujarat, after the prices of Indonesian coal doubled.