Andrew Tate is by no means a stranger to controversy. It looks like the popular social media influencer who has now been detained has had a significant impact on the youth in the UK and this has caused several schools to search for a remedy. The UK schools are developing special lessons to re-educate teens ‘brainwashed’ by Andrew Tate.
A December 30 editorial summary by WSJ shows what the Feds are teaching in diversity training after President Joe Biden issued an executive order in June 2021.
New data published by the National Center for Education Statistics has shown that the COVID lockdowns have set student learning back decades, with the US having received a failing grade.
The student loan forgiveness proves that all of those college degrees really are worthless. But is it permissible for Joe Biden to basically pay for college students' tuition as long as he remains in office in order to buy their votes?
A professor has claimed that nothing short of a political and cultural transformation will solve the difficult task of dewoking American universities and suggested measures to be followed.
Hong Kong university is set to inaugurate a mixed reality classroom within the Metaverse. The university intends to create a learning environment that virtually unites the two campuses—in Hong Kong and Guangzhou—by constructing MetaHKUST.
The BIA, under the direction of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, released a report detailing how the US government used schools as a tool to seize Native American land and erase their culture. 
Government is set to fix minimum and maximum annual fee slabs for engineering and management courses. While the maximum charge slab had been established previously, this is the first time that ideas for a minimum price have been made.
Student loan debt is a serious issue. Millions of young Americans have gone to college without realizing how much it will cost them, and millions more are still doing so. Here we take a look at how Biden's student loan fraud works.
The psychological warfare front in Ukraine was opened decades ago, but the distortion of history became a key strategy after the 2014 Maidan coup. Western consultants distributed budgets in a diversified manner. Information strategies directed at children became a key focus of their work, regardless of the harm caused to children’s psyche.