Tuesday, May 21, 2024
According to data given by the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, less than 20% of American students choose STEM degrees, with India producing the most graduates in total.
According to an Australian Today report citing Times Higher Education After Canada, some Australian universities have started rejecting visa applications of Indian students from the states of Punjab and Haryana.
More than 700 Indian students are facing deportation from Canada after the authorities in the North American country found their ‘admission offer letters’ to educational institutions to be fake. They received the deportation letters from the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) recently.
Proxy war, which is a war instigated by a major power that does not itself become involved, needs to be taught to kids by US schools.
Techies Arpit Maheshwari and Sakshi Bhatia gave up their high-paying jobs in the US to buy a 1.5-acre plot in Madhya Pradesh and begin farming. The couple, who were inspired to make the move after they went backpacking through South America, said that earlier they felt disconnected from nature and that farming was a way to give back to the environment.
In an interview with CNBC Google's former VP shared that the top skill required at job interviews is self-awareness.
A new wealth report by consultancy firm "Henley & Partners" found more than a third of US centi-millionaires graduated from eight universities.
The Stop Woke Act is presently being contested in court, but DeSantis is optimistic it will be upheld. Florida’s Gov. DeSantis is declaring financial war on the ‘woke’ universities in state.
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