$90,000 Per Year To Attend Harvard

Cornell University most recently announced a hike in tuition prices that brings the school one of the closest to the $90,000 mark, along with almost all Ivy League schools like Harvard.

The cost of attending Ivy League universities is nearing $90,000 a year as high school students are receiving their acceptance letters to the highly cmpetitive institutions. 

Cornell University most recently announced a hike in tuition prices that brings the school to one of the closest to the $90,000 mark. The university said Monday it would be increasing tuition, making the total cost of tuition, board and other expenses close to $86,000 to $87,000 a year. 

Other top schools are not trailing far behind the expensive price tag: Yale University costs are at $83,000 a year while Stanford University is at $82,000 a year. 

March 30 marks “Ivy Day” in 2023, where prospective students eagerly anticipate the release of regular admissions decisions by Ivy League schools. 

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While the price tags are high, these schools try to emphasize the amount of scholarships and financial aid they give to students, especially those from lower-income households. 

“The cost of attendance is often not the price a student will pay to attend Cornell. All Cornell undergraduates applying for financial assistance are reviewed for need-based financial aid that covers tuition, housing and dining, as well as other costs of attendance,” Cornell University said when announcing its price increases. 

As Yale boosted tuition by a 3.9 percent increase for the upcoming school year, the university also made it a point to emphasize its “financial aid commitments.”

According to data given by the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, less than 20% of American students choose STEM degrees, with India producing the most graduates in total.

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