A lawsuit has been brought against Elon Musk by Twitter investors, claiming that he manipulated the company's stock price to buy the stock at an artificially low price.
Are you impressed by the capabilities and functions of ChatGPT and interested in integrating it with WhatsApp? Look no further, as this article will guide you on how to do so. Here's how to integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp.
How difficult might it be for the world's richest individual to commission a team of Tesla engineers to create a smartphone? Elon Musk might just be set to build an alternative phone if Apple and Google ban Twitter from app stores.
Budweiser's new pro-America advertisement, which was released on Friday on social media, features a Clydesdale horse and has set social media ablaze amid the Mulvaney controversy.
Elon Musk is actively trying to acquire Twitter with a $46.5 billion takeover bid, but he is being fought off by 10 members of the Twitter board.
Musk revealed past week that the recently acquired company has seen considerable revenue losses as a result of notable advertisers withdrawing. Now, it's been revealed that Twitter employees were selling blue-check verification badges for $15,000 behind the scenes.
WWE has been sold by former CEO Vince McMahon to Ari Emanuel's Endeavor Group and will join with UFC to form a new publicly-traded company.
Ex-Target Vice Chairman Gerald Storch reveals that the 'one item' that sparked boycott calls was a 'tuck swimsuit' that targets transgender people. A former Target executive claimed that there was one item that sparked...
Renowned influencer Andrew Tate has apparently been detained, and it appears that his Twitter spat with environmental and climate activist Greta Thunberg was what prompted police to verify his whereabouts.
Chinese telecom company Hytera has been charged with stealing Motorola’s trade secrets. The indictment contains 21 allegations stating that Hytera and former Motorola employees stole intellectual and trade secrets.