In an attempt to navigate the new economic realities after Russia's military campaign in Ukraine, Renault has decided to sell its Russian assets for one Ruble.
The U.S. is home to over a quarter of the world’s billionaires, representing about 720 of the roughly 2,700 that exist globally. But who is the richest billionaire in every American state in 2022?
According to Germany's aero telegram, the Saudis are scrapping the $280 million jumbo jet contracted for the Saudi crown prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saudi after just 42 hours of flight because no bidders expressed interest in turning it into a cargo plane.
With a fortune largely tied to his 79 million Amazon shares, the net worth of Jeff Bezos has continued to rise.
WWE has been sold by former CEO Vince McMahon to Ari Emanuel's Endeavor Group and will join with UFC to form a new publicly-traded company.
Images released by the Labor Department during a segment on "60 Minutes" show kids as young as 13 being hired by Blackstone to clean slaughterhouses. Disturbing photos show kids — some possibly as young...
Meta's Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, revealed the launch of a Twitter clone with the code name "Project 92." The public name for this project could be "Threads." Today, Meta employees were shown...
Accounting for a third of the world's total industrial capacity, this is how COVID lockdowns in China disrupted the supply chains globally.
Bill Gates' greatest one-year "charity" deed in more than a decade was a pass-through gift to surrogates for Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign. Now it seems that he has a new target as Bill Gates pours millions into an NGO army to attack Elon Musk twitter deal.
How difficult might it be for the world's richest individual to commission a team of Tesla engineers to create a smartphone? Elon Musk might just be set to build an alternative phone if Apple and Google ban Twitter from app stores.