A YouTube video from the channel of CA Sahil Jain explained that Toyota only earns Rs 45,000 on every Fortuner it sells in India, while the government earns Rs 18 lakh.
The EU countries have agreed today to end the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars in 2035. However, Germany sought and won an exemption for e-fuels.
A Mint investigation has found that Ola is willfully endangering its riders with its suspension.
The BBC has confirmed that Latvia is shipping cars seized from drunk drivers to Ukraine.
A video posted on Twitter shows $600,000 worth of hellcats stolen in under sixty seconds, but all were soon recovered.
Following reports of steering wheels detaching from the steering column while driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has initiated yet another investigation into Tesla's Model Y SUV.
According to the Ford patent application for repossession-linked technology, Ford could shut off your AC if you miss a car payment.
In a strategy update event focused on software held in California, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a Google partnership to include supercomputers in its cars.
The California Department of Motor Vehicles approved the on-road tests of Amazon's self driving "Zoox" taxi last week on California roads along a route between two office buildings at the company's Foster City headquarters at no more than 35 mph.
According to recent data collated by Reuters, Tesla's unrivaled profit margins after the price cut have been visualized below.