The conviction of those promoting the military metaverse has only grown as of late. However, attempts to integrate the virtual and actual worlds have run into difficulties as well. Now, even the US military is building its own metaverse.
A human-level AI named Gato that can do 604 distinct tasks across a wide range of environments was revealed earlier this week by Google's DeepMind.
The idea that tomorrow's big supercomputers could revolutionize our technological environment has a somewhat 1960s feel to it. But despite that, the arms race to build the metaverse is anything but in the past.
Who owns your face? You might think that you do, but consider that Clearview AI, an American company that sells facial recognition technology, has amassed a database of ten billion images since 2020. By the end of the year, it plans to have scraped 100 billion facial images from the internet. It is difficult to assess the company’s claims, but if we take Clearview AI at face value, it has enough data to identify almost everyone on earth and end privacy and anonymity everywhere.
The utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in the criminal justice system is swiftly expanding around the world. But Malaysian lawyers are now outraged over use of AI in courts.
A group of US and Korean experts have cautioned that scenarios in which a human worker establishes a strong emotional attachment with their robot coworker could cause the company's overall "teamwork quality and performance" to suffer.
Google's DeepMind has trained an artificial intelligence to control a Nuclear Fusion Reactor which is now able to create and maintain a wide range of plasma shapes and advanced configurations.
According to a retired professor of computer science at Oregon State University today’s large neural network artificial intelligence are already slightly conscious.
Chinese scientists have created an AI nanny to grow babies in robot wombs. Currently, the new technique is being used to aid in the development of animal embryos in the lab that are maturing into fetuses.
Alexa is Amazon's virtual assistant technology to improve human lives. However, the scenario was quite opposite last week when the artificial influence Alexa device commited a murder attempt by telling a 10-year-old girl to touch a live electrical plug with a penny.