Drake and The Weeknd have a claim under conventional copyright law given that the in question song is not something the artists ever composed or sang, as highlighted by AI Copyright In Focus After Platforms Pull "Fake Drake" Song.
Chess requires patient intellectual effort, calm concentration, and strategic thought. Usually, violence is not a component. This was not the case, however, when a chess-playing robot broke a 7-year-old's finger.
A Google AI can now tell what things smell like by the molecular structure. Some experts, however, are dubious about the AI's effectiveness since they argue it does not consider how the human brain processes and interprets scent data.
In his blog, Bill Gates said that The Age of AI Has Began after seeing the impressive advancements in OpenAI's ChatGPT.
According to reports, 90% of news items will reportedly be written by AI by 2025, and Google is training AI to replace journalists by teaming up with Polis.
The Rise Of AI Art

The Rise Of AI Art

The incredible rise of AI art is nothing short of amazing. Currently, the output of these systems is primarily viewed as novelty when it appears on the cover of a magazine or when it is utilized to create memes. But this might not be the case for too long.
Virtual children may seem like a giant leap from where we are now. However, AI expert predicts people will buy lifelike digital ‘babies’ instead of having real kids in 50 years.
Landlord automation does not merely assist wealthy investment businesses in owning an increasing number of the small homes in the U.S. at a time when rising home prices are discouraging more people from considering homeownership—it actually makes the entire paradigm viable. Here is how robot landlords are buying up the houses.
Artificial intelligence may speed up the process of invention while cutting expenses and increasing the technical breadth of discoveries. Can machines even invent new things without human help? Yes, they already have.
Deep fakes of lifelike computer-generated faces have been around for a while, but they typically only existed as two-dimensional, flat images. Now, it has gotten to the point that digital humans could replace supermodels.