A new device unveiled by Israeli tech company Camero-Tech during the Eurosatory 2022 military technology show features an AI-powered radar that can see through and detect living things through solid walls.
Although there are little specifics regarding the planned feature and no release date has been announced yet, it has been revealed that Alexa will soon read stories as your dead grandma.
Virtual children may seem like a giant leap from where we are now. However, AI expert predicts people will buy lifelike digital ‘babies’ instead of having real kids in 50 years.
A new AI tool named LaMDA, which is owned by Google, was claimed to be alive by a senior software engineer at Google, who was later put on leave for disclosing it.
In the future, the e-skin could be the basis for a more advanced electronic skin which enables robots capable of exploring and interacting with the world in multiple new ways. This might soon be possible as researchers create e-skin capable of feeling pain.
A new article in the Guardian by AI expert Catriona Campbell says that within 50 years, parents will choose to have digital babies in the Metaverse over real ones.
The annual meeting in Davos 2022 discussed how the World Economic Forum will govern the metaverse.
With $2.9 million in the state budget for 2023 geared at eliminating social isolation, Intuition Robotics is jumping in on the ground level of what is sure to be a profitable market. Now New York is set to distribute empathetic robot caretakers to combat loneliness in elderly.
The conviction of those promoting the military metaverse has only grown as of late. However, attempts to integrate the virtual and actual worlds have run into difficulties as well. Now, even the US military is building its own metaverse.
A human-level AI named Gato that can do 604 distinct tasks across a wide range of environments was revealed earlier this week by Google's DeepMind.