Jindal Steel has been ordered to pay Rs 2 crore for stealing a river in Odisha. The National Green Tribunal said Jindal Steel and Power Ltd had changed the natural course of Kurdabahali Nullah and interfered with nature. This change cannot be restored.
Chhath puja devotees have to stand waist-deep amid thick and toxic froth while offering their prayers every year. This thick white foam floats over the Yamuna river. This has become a normal event. People wonder what is the main cause of this white foam over Yamuna river? Why does it happen only at a specific time of the year?
A plea was filed by a 17 years old boy Aditya Dubey seeking measures to check harmful air pollution. The top court asked the Centre to impose a 2 days complete lockdown in Delhi in order to curb increasing levels of air pollution. A three-judge bench heard this plea and after detailed arguments, concluded that traffic, industries, and transport are also major causes of air pollution. It is not just about stubble burning which is only 4% of air pollution.
COP26 has been sold as a conference where world leaders will finally tackle climate change. But for its corporate sponsors, the conference is an opportunity to greenwash their practices of polluting for profit.
500 tonnes of illegal genetically modified rice from India were withdrawn by the EU after it were discovered in a consignment that India exported to the European Union countries in June 2021.
40 years ago, the US threw open farming to the corporate sector, something now India wants to do. Now, with the new Indian Farm Laws, India wants to walk on the same path as Americans did. But, how did that worked out for the American farmers - the fate that now awaits Indian farmers?
According to NASA’s Vegetation Index data, the Earth greened 10% and the  Sahara desert shrinked 700,00 sq. kms. so far this century. World is a greener place today than it was 20 years ago.
Iceland witnessed a rare cluster of more than 10,000 earthquakes within the week. Located in between Europe and North America, Iceland is often hit by earthquakes because of its location between two continental plates that are moving further day by day from each other. While the shocks are common afterwards, that many flutters in a row are a rare incident.
Dr. Vandana Shiva, the Founder and President of Navdanya, Technology and Natural Resource Policy who was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ explains how the World Bank is waging a war against India’s farmers.
A wrecked ship near Mauritius is spilling tonnes of oil in the Indian Ocean. More than 1,000 tonnes of oil has already seeped into the sea polluting the coral reefs, white-sand beaches and pristine lagoons. Still there is 2,500...