Many casinos have shied away from the no-deposit bonus model

Research suggests that as many as 80% of Indians gamble at least once each year. That is a high number when you consider that there are around 1,380,004,385 people in the country. They are not all adults of course but, according to Statista, over 70% of the population is aged 15 or over, so it’s likely that over 600,000,000 people in the country gamble.

This is despite the fact that gambling is not legal in most states. Some Indians escape the legal minefield by choosing to play online. This is because, in most states, there is no definitive prohibition of online casinos and sportsbooks that are based offshore. This is good news for fans of casino games and people who want to place a bet on popular sports in the country, like cricket and horse racing. In order to attract these fans to their brand, online casinos offer incentives, such as bonuses, to players. The aim of this article is to determine whether these bonuses actually work.

Some people more attracted by bonuses than others

People looking for a no deposit bonus may not have quite as much luck as in years gone by. Many casinos have shied away from the no-deposit bonus model and those bonuses that are available without a deposit normally have conditions attached, such as maximum winnings limits. This according to the gambling experts JustGamblers where the spokesperson for the site confirmed this:

“Based on our research in the field we can clearly see that no deposit bonuses is rare to find, what we do see is that this is however common for new sites that quickly wants build a player base in a new market, some of these Indian no deposit bonuses are listed on our page:

However, online casinos do still use bonuses to attract players, particularly deposit bonuses and free spins. There has only been limited research into how players react to these bonuses. For example, research published in The Journal of Management and Engineering Integration, in 2016, looked at how bonuses influenced poker players who were used to playing offline but were promised incentives to play online.

Interestingly, the research indicates that some players were attracted by the bonuses only if the amount raked back by the casino was low. Others were tempted by the bonuses, no matter what the rake rate was. In the findings, it was mentioned that this seemed to support the theory that some players saw incentives as an empowering feature whereas others perceived them as being restrictive.

Although specific research is yet to be completed, it seems likely that this carries over to online casinos and sportsbooks overall. Some people see a bonus offer as an extra opportunity to win, others view terms like playthrough requirements as restrictive to their chances of winning a significant amount of money.

People making wiser playing decisions overall

No matter which way people perceive online casino bonuses, they tend to have one thing in common Indian players today are far better informed than they were in the past. They have an understanding of what they should look for when choosing a casino or sportsbook.

This includes checking the terms and conditions that are attached to bonuses as well as checking that a casino is licensed and operates securely. Players can also read reviews of casino and seek an opinion from others.

All of this means that there is still a place for the use of bonuses in casino promotions. However, players are likely to look at the wider picture as well as examining the value of a bonus itself, when they are making decisions about where to play or bet online.

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