California Proposes New Curriculum Encouraging Students To Chant To Aztec Gods For Unity In Classroom

The California Department of Education has proposed a new curriculum that would involve teachers leading students in chanting the names of Aztec gods in an effort to build unity in the classroom.

California Proposes New Curriculum Encouraging Students To Chant To Aztec Gods For Unity In Classroom

The latest draft of the proposed Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, which will undergo a vote for approval next week, seeks to “center and place high values” of the traditions and experiences of pre-Columbian America, and to critique “white supremacy and racism” that led to their marginalization in the modern world.

The Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum will focus on the traditional ethnic studies first established in higher education which has been characterized by four foundational disciplines: African American, Chicana/o/x and Latina/o/x, Native American, and Asian American and Pacific Islander studies.

The focus on the experiences of these four disciplines provides an opportunity for students to learn of the histories, cultures, struggles, and contributions to American society of these historically marginalized peoples which are often untold in U.S. history courses.

This model curriculum is a step to rectifying omission of the experiences and cultures of communities within California.

Ethnic studies courses address institutionalized systems of advantage, and address the causes of racism and other forms of bigotry including antisemitism and Islamophobia within our culture and governmental policies.

The proposed draft says that when schools help students acquire a “social consciousness”, they are better equipped to contribute to the public good and help strengthen democratic institutions.

This guiding narrative is reflected in the design of sample lessons and various class activities, including the model curriculum’s official “ethnic studies community chant,” in which students directly appeal to the deities of the Aztec pantheon for the power to become “warriors” of “love, ecological and social justice.”

In the community chant of “In Lak Ech,” which translates to “You Are My Other Me,” teachers are instructed to first lead the group of students in chanting and clapping to Tezcatlipoca.

The students then chant to other deities including Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec sun god, seeking “healing epistemologies” and a “revolutionary spirit.”

The chant ends with a request for “liberation, transformation, decolonization,” after which students shout “Panche beh! Panche beh!” which translates to “seeking the roots of the truth” or “think critically.”

Watch video below showing what a unity chant looks like in practice. The video was taken at Social Justice Humanitas Academy in the Los Angeles Unified School District, where many indigenous songs and chants like In Lak Ech were developed.

However, some commentators have objected to this new initiative.

Christopher Rufo, the journalist who first reported about the chant to Aztec gods promoted by California’s new curriculum, wrote in his City Journal article that such practice almost certainly violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause that prohibits the state from showing a preference for one religion over others.

“Public schools are prohibited from leading state-sanctioned Christian prayers; they would presumably be similarly prohibited from leading state-sanctioned chants to the Aztec god of human sacrifice,” Rufo wrote.

The curriculum, if approved, would serve as a guide to California’s K-12 education system of more than 6 million students. It was originally proposed in 2019 as a part of the state’s effort to teach students about the accomplishments of non-Christian people, groups, and ethnic minorities to address “issues of ethnicity, identity, service, and social justice.”

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4 Responses

  1. Education is a weapon, whose effect

    depends on who holds it in his hands and

    at whom it is aimed.

    Joseph Stalin

    Destroying christianity under the guise of multiculturalism has always been a goal of communism in America.

  2. The problem we are having as a society is that Christianity has become difficult to wrap one’s head around. In the traditional sense , it butts heads with what seems to be the natural evolution of human morality, and increasingly it’s becoming unbelievable to someone who didn’t come from a Christian household…. mostly due to advances in science and general understanding. I have a folder in my mind I sometimes refer to as god,… it’s where I put things that seem like laws of the universe , that don’t have a scientific explanation but are profound. Mostly having to do with wisdom , truth , karma , and other rules of behavior that seem to have mysterious cause and effect. It also contains a general optimism and sense that being good is the right way. I agree with many of the lessons of the bible especially the big ones like “wishing on your enemy that which you wish for yourself” , and other stuff on a high spiritual level that has transformative results. I think we need a doctrine that even someone from the far left can at least feel capable of exploring and it probably has to be something that includes the positive wisdom and concepts from all religions , but leaves behind anything dogmatic , too specific , or politically controversial. It would be something like “Wisdom and coexistence” or “Absolute reality”

  3. It’s interesting that they ‘falsely claim’ a need for separation of church and state, which is a totally provable lie…yet, the only church not allowed in the mix is the one belonging to Yeshua, The Christ, which is not a religion, nor a building, but rather, a collective Bride that will very soon be gathered to Him.

    If I remember my studies on the pagan Aztecan religion(s), their main so-called god is called Quetacoatlz (sp?)…and he is a ‘reptillian dragon/snake god’ with ‘feathery wings’ (all indicative of a fallen angel); one that ‘must be appeased’ via blood sacrifices made ‘to him,’ with no reciprocating blessings in return, other than (hopefully) he wont ‘whack the people’ (as long as the human blood keeps flowing ‘his way’); so, sacrificial people MUST DIE ‘for him!’

    By contrast, Yeshua, The Christ, gave Himself up freely, to be the sacrificed, not for ‘Himself,’ but rather, to make possible the Salvation of ALL who would repent, ask God to forgive them of their sins (via that Christ Sacrifice), and to Save them from the eternal Hell that many dont believe in, yet, are going to go there by their own choice. God gave humanity ‘The Way’ out…but in the case of these crazy teachers and schools, they would rather lead these kids into even more darkness (like sneakers with human blood and a pentagram), than to lead them to THE LIGHT!

    Yeshua (Jesus) clearly warned ANYBODY that would dare to purposely mislead or hurt ANY little ones…thus turning them from ‘The True God,’ to demon-gods, who are in reality, ‘no gods’ at all!

  4. The death cult at it again….any God but christian ….chanting is a tool for brainwashing…definitely sHould be banned by parents but cali has wacky ideas to begin with.

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