Cafe Coffee Day, KKR & CIA

It has been suggested that Private Equity firm KKR was involved in the circumstances leading to the death of Cafe Coffe Day founder V G Siddhartha. The firm has come under scanner in our research in many aspects of National Security as well. Lesser known is the fact that a former CIA Director, Deep State’s pointman in India sits as a Chairman at KKR. Here is a brief overview on the various covert operations of KKR in India.

Cafe Coffee Day, KKR & CIA
Cafe Coffee Day, KKR & CIA

According to a report published in the DNA, foreign private equity firms like KKR borrow money from Indian Banks at 8-9% and then lend it back to Indian businesses at a whopping 20-25% – the high rates of interest making it difficult for native Indian business to survive or remain profitable to repay the lenders. Many foreign owned NBFC’s operating in India thrive on Indian money – the question is WHY?

KKR took V G Siddhartha's life, DNA
KKR took V G Siddhartha’s life, DNA

KKR is the second largest foreign PE investor in CCD with 6.07% (1.28 crore shares) after selling approx 4.25% in Feb 2018, making at the time 10.3%. Foreign investors together hold 22.35% stake in CCD valued at Rs 724 crore.

In a letter Siddhartha blamed “pressure from one of the private equity partners forcing me to buy back shares, a transaction I had partially completed 6 months ago by borrowing a large sum of money from a friend. Tremendous pressure from other lenders lead to me succumbing to the situation. There was a lot of harassment from the previous DG income tax in the form of attaching our shares on two separate occasions to block our Mindtree deal and then taking position on our Coffee Day shares, although the revised returns have been filed by us. This was very unfair and has led to a serious liquidity crunch.”

In February 2019, KKR had offered Siddhartha Rs 3100 crore to buy considerable stake in Mindtree. In what has been described as a ‘hostile corporate takeover’ KKR offered Rs 3,100 crore to buy Siddhartha’s whopping 20.4% stake in Mindtree – almost 6 months ago, sametime since when the pressure from PE investor started as described in his letter.

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But what is KKR? Who are the people behind it? What kind of operations the firm in involved in? These are very fascinating questions and should be investigated by our agencies. Let us explore further.


KKR is an abbreviation for Kohlberg Kravis Roberts – a very controversial firm known as the “Merchants of Debt”. In his book “KKR and the Mortgaging of American Business” author George Anders explains the closed boardroom deals and how exactly this firm brought Debt Economics to Wall Street.

In May 2013, KKR hired General David Petraeus as Chairman of the firm’s newly created KKR Global Institute. Prior to joining KKR, Petraeus served over 37 years in the US Military. He was also the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Why KKR hired Gen Petraeus?

In his piece in the Forbes, author George Anders explains why KKR needs the CIA. Everyone’s buzzing about KKR & Co.’s decision to bring former CIA director David Petraeus into the private-equity firm as chairman of the newly created KKR Global Institute. Could Petraeus use his network of connections to help KKR close more deals? Perhaps. But there’s a deeper motive for this alliance that looks far more compelling.

The former CEOs of Caterpillar, Vodaphone, Motorola, First Data and nearly two dozen other major global companies now serve part-time as KKR senior advisers. KKR says these worthies provide operational and strategic insights, while sometimes advising on individual deals.

If all that was desired was Petraeus’s help every now and then on specific deals, Kravis and Roberts could have made him their 27th senior adviser. But that’s not the route they chose. Instead, Petraeus’s new job calls for him to get into the “thought leadership” business. As my colleague Halah Touryalai reports, his global institute is expected to address “macro-economic issues like the role of central banks in the world since the crisis, changes in public policy, and other areas where KKR has interests.”

In essence, KKR wants Petraeus, a former four-star general with a uniquely intellectual bent, to help establish the private-equity firm as a citadel of big-picture insights. That would be a welcome change for Kravis and Roberts, who doubtless have grown tired of endless allusions to “Barbarians at the Gate,” an archly titled account of KKR’s 1988 takeover battle for RJR Nabisco.

“The focus is forward,” Mr. Petraeus told The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Spector, shortly after the KKR appointment was announced. The Journal’s piece listed a wide variety of ways that Petraeus’s influence might be felt, including advising on foreign deals, counseling firms already owned by KKR and weighing in on “economic trends, issues with foreign governments and other matters that could affect transactions.”

Now heres the Kicker.

KKR where former CIA Director sits as Chairman belongs to the equity partners who owns 80% stake in NXP Semiconductors whose chips were imported by ECI for EVMs used during current elections in India.

Gen Petraus is also credited to have trained former United States National Security Advisor Herbert Raymond McMaster who is responsible for pulling India into the Anglo-American orbit as a “major defense partner” implemented through ‘Washington’s Man in New Delhi’.

Gen Petraeus is also the key player in the ongoing plot for an Anglo-American Airbase in Kashmir under the trusteeship of the United Nations – a policy drafted by Mountbatten himself. When asked about US intervention in Kashmir, then US Central Command Chief Gen Petraeus disclosed in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Kashmir: “Together with my great diplomatic wingman Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, this effort actually has started”.

As per intel with GreatGameIndia, Petraeus is the pointman for Deep State in India. In 2018, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar and former CIA Director David Petraeus together formed strategies for the “dramatic transition of India in the New World Order” at a six-day Raisina Dialogue also attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Recently, a high-level conference was organized in London to chart our the strategies for this transition. Needless to say the key speaker for this UK-India Summit 2019 was Petraeus. The event is well known in intelligence circles to be organized by British intelligence. We would urge keen readers of GreatGameIndia to look into all the bigwigs from India who attended this event.

It were such meeting, albeit secret that took place in London in the late 90s where the blueprint for the return of East India Company was drafted. Called Vision 2020 the scheme was a brainchild of an American consultancy firm born out of US military, McKinsey and the Big Four. Fortunately the project was met with a lot of opposition and as a result was stopped in its tracks. Since then they have their eyes set on Kashmir now.

It is also no coincidence that the Board of Directors at CCD has appointed Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four to investigate the death of former Chairman, late Mr VG Siddhartha, and to scrutinize the books of accounts of the Company and its subsidiaries.

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