Building a Career in Filmmaking: Write Essay Expert on the US Top 5 Filmmaking Schools

Filmmaking is a huge industry. Its market size has crossed the point of $95 billion, and it will definitely keep growing further. Due to its large size, high salaries, and creative nature, this industry has become a dream for many young people in the US and beyond. Students want to get into filmmaking to reach their full creative potential, build a successful career, and, hopefully, leave their legacy. The only question is how to get into this industry.

If you also want to enter the world of filmmaking, the best way to give your career a headstart is to enter the right school. In this article, an expert from a reputable write my essay service will tell you about the US top five schools for future filmmakers.

  1. American Film Institute 

Located in LA, the American Film Institute is certainly the best school for aspiring filmmakers. This institute and its prestigious graduate program regularly churn out famous directors and Oscar winners, including Sian Heder, Parry Jenkins, Sam Esmail, and many others. The school boasts some of the best speaking seminars that bring great industry leaders like Guillermo del Toro to educate a new generation of film specialists. 

Of course, getting into this school isn’t easy, and it’s also not a cheap one to attend. However, there is always a possibility to get help with your admissions essay to get accepted – hire a professional paper writer to write my admission essay and ensure your application is flawless. And as for tuition, the school also offers some nice scholarships that you can opt for.

  1. New York University 

This school is known for its high standards of education and its famous alums. Speaking about film directing, one of NYU’s top alums is Martin Scorsese – multiple-time winner of many major accolades, such as the Academy Award, Emmy, Grammy, and more. NYU’s school of arts has many great programs for film professionals. Moreover, to honor Scorsese, NYU’s Tish School of the Arts plans to launch an academic and production institute that will feature a major production facility and provide generous scholarships. Also, the institute will complete its graduate program with unique mentorship opportunities – students will be paired with professional filmmakers. 

We bet that studying here will be tough. However, don’t forget that you can find the best assignment services to pull it through. And the effort will certainly pay off.

  1. University of Southern California 

USC’s School of Cinematic Arts is another excellent educational facility that paves the way for new talents into the filmmaking industry. Among its famous alums are Peter Segal, Ken Kwapis, Eric Kripke, and many other great specialists. Today, this school places the biggest emphasis on virtual production and digital content creation. The school’s primary goal is to prepare students for the future of the cinematic industry and help them get ahead of the competition. 

On top of that, the school provides lots of support and plenty of great opportunities for its students to help them jump-start their careers with ease. So if you want to succeed in filmmaking, hire a professional essay writer online now to delegate your tasks and start preparing for a tough admissions process!

  1. Chapman University 

Another California-based university on our list is best known for drawing big names like Lorenzo di Bonaventura to educate students. On top of that, Chapman University is known for equipping its students with the most advanced tech to help them get ready for the future. Lastly, another solid reason to pick this school for your studies is its excellent career center. 

The primary goal of the center is to help graduates discover and fill post-graduate positions in the industry and, thus, jump-start their careers. However, it’s worth noting that many of this school’s students are achieving success even before graduating. So if you want to become a professional filmmaker, this school might be your best chance!

  1. CalArts 

Speaking about the best filmmaking schools in the US, it’s impossible not to talk about CalArts. The school simply can’t be bad if it was founded by Walt Disney and has such big names as Tim Burton, Jorge Gutierrez, and Pete Docter among its alums. Although the primary emphasis of CalArts is animation, it also has great film-directing programs. The program constantly graduates new filmmaking talents. It’s also known for teaching both traditional and experimental filmmaking, so everyone should be able to find something interesting for themselves here. 

On top of everything, an expert from Do My Essay emphasizes that CalArts always strives to create more artistic opportunities for its students and increase scholarship access. Thus, studying here is never a bad idea.

The Bottom Line 

Being home to Hollywood and some of the world’s greatest cinematic masterpieces, the US simply cannot fail to provide high-quality filmmaking education. The country boasts a large number of reputable schools that create excellent opportunities for future filmmakers.

Now, you know about some of the best schools for filmmaking located in this country. So if you want to build a career in this field as well, all you need is to pick an opportunity that fits you best.

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