Brain Cells Come Alive Even Hours After Death Due To Zombie Gene, Study Finds

Researchers have confirmed that the human brain continues working even after the death of a person. That seems a zombie-like behaviour, but researchers have found a non-zombie logic behind this phenomenon.

Brain Cells Come Alive Even Hours After Death Due To Zombie Gene, Study Finds

As per the new paper published in Scientific Reports – non-neuronal cells (glial cells), that are the part of the Central Nervous System (CNS), become active after a few hours of a person’s death.

These brain cells also start showing certain modifications like growing of appendages and expand in size.

According to the study author Jeffrey Loeb, who heads neurology and rehabilitation at the University of Illinois, Chicago’s College of Medicine – “Most studies assume that everything in the brain stops when the heart stops beating, but this is not so.”

“Our findings will be needed to interpret research on human brain tissues. We just haven’t quantified these changes until now.”

He also emphasized on the fact that the postmortem activity wasn’t “too surprising” as glial cells are inflammatory and “their job is to clean things up after brain injuries like oxygen deprivation or stroke.”

The glial cells are being nicknamed the “zombie gene” owing to this peculiar trait of theirs.

This discovery about such bizarre behaviour of brain cells can be useful for the researchers who are studying brain cells regarding the treatment of neurological disorders such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

This ‘Zombie-like’ behaviour is exhibited by brain cells just after a few hours of a person’s death. But again all these activities end within 24 hours of a person’s death.

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  1. It seems pretty obvious to me that its the residue of our body system that is still active.

    Cut a tail off a lizard or cut the head off a chicken and the explanation is : “It’s just nerves, adrenaline, and the blood pressure dropping.

    Same with humans the nerve endings still firing because the chemicals kick in when brain activity stops. I’m just guessing but that’s what might also explain the near death experiences….things haven’t completely shut down….residue activity….our bodies were made to heal themselves, if only the Dr Faucis and Bill Gates of the world would just leave us alone.

    Medicine has its place but the synthetic stuff often does more harm then good….just my opinion.

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