Subhas Chandra Bose’s Plot To Bring Down The British Empire

Although many in India, scholars besides, know about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, we shall include a couple of paragraphs below to put the matter in the context of international geopolitics. In World War II, the case for dropping two bombs on Japan was not an impeccable one, and many reasons are likely to be hidden from the public eye.

Subhas Chandra Bose's Plot To Bring Down The British Empire
Subhas Chandra Bose’s Plot To Bring Down The British Empire

Could the equations of the Anglo-British involving a possible defeat in the Indian theater by a Bose-Japan combine have been a part of the decision process? We shall deliberately refrain from going into a detailed documentation of this, for we should leave this as an exercise for the reader.

Bose was able to flee house arrest in Calcutta and go to Germany. Studying the German viewpoint of the international politics gave him an understanding that Gandhi and Nehru may not have had. In a very daring trip he would go further on to Japan, spend a few years there and have an audience with the Premier. He would subsequently land in Burma and take control of the Burmese Indian National Army.

Upon learning that Bose had come to Burma and was raising an army, the Indian soldiers of the British army switched sides in favor of their countryman. Bose was thus able to raise an army of about 40,000 strong, equipped with arms from Japan. In addition, the Emperor of Japan committed about 100,000 Japanese troops and some air squadrons for his assistance.

With this formidable combine, he stood a good chance of marching on to Delhi. The 100,000 Japanese troops would eventually back down, but Bose resolved to continue the fight. He occupied the Andaman and Nicobar islands, Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam and was about to enter Bengal.

From the vantage of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, the Indian National Army had effectively tied up Mountbatten in Ceylon, and he was unable to move.

Bose had a brilliant strategy. A main force was to march on to Delhi. This would however be aided by three other forces, each of which would have first performed the task of destroying the British hold over three major ports – Calcutta, Vishakapatnam and Chennai as well as the Dutch control of ports at Machilipatnam and Yanam.

The unit landing in Calcutta would join the units from Nagaland and Assam towards Delhi, while the units from Vishakapatnam and Chennai would march towards Bombay. The conquest of these five cities, to be completed in two weeks, would have effectively ended British rule in India, cutting it off from the…

The Heroic Saga of Subhash Chandra Bose
The Heroic Saga of Subhash Chandra Bose

Read about the Heroic Saga of the Escape, Exile and Death of Bose in our archive issues.

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  1. Great Game India…everyone with a concern for life and wisdom should have access to it. Brilliant articles. Truth and light. Thank you.

  2. badi dukh ki baat hai ki bharatvarsh ke saputonko ye pata nahi hai ki ye desh/sanskriti ke dharak aur shatru kaun hai. whatever i have understood until now gives me the conclusion that gandhi wasn’t mahatma but duratma. if atall he was father then he was father of porkistan and stepfather of bharat. nehru was just the pimp/bhadwa/dalal and avlad of giasuddin gazi. why so called bhartiy sarkar hide real family history of these power hungry khangressi mulla/s.


    Sure, the great strategist Bose-ji’s plot COULD have succeeded had he not ‘disappeared’. Had he been around to succeed, there would NEVER have been any PARTITION. Anyway, in his absence, the nasty Brits have gone, but not before creating the biggest mischief against India by creating a cancerous, malignant open wound on Indian soil that has not healed to this day, called Pakistan, what with its putrid pus leaking into more Indian soil, namely, Jammu and Kashmir.

    Subhas-ji would have nipped the British manipulated Nehru-Jinnah co-operation in the bud, and there would NEVER have emerged that maggot-reeking cancer named Pakistan. The Muslim-oriented Nehru has left this filthy legacy that has nagged India for 70 long years.

    Our great present-day patriot Sriman SUBRAMANIAN SWAMI is India’s only hope. Only he can talk sense into PM Modi and Prez Mukerjee to take the Pak Army Chief’s threat to permanently fracture India with his military power very, very seriously. Knowing the murderous nature of such a fanatical enemy of India, it will be folly to please the world by not being the first to strike. Pak’s relentless breaking of ALL peace-keeping agreements and its bellicose, envy-cum-hate-laced threats to destroy India, demand preemptive strike by India.

    Praising Subhas Chandra Bose is not enough to please his soul. He would not have hesitated to act. Inthe Kurukshetra war, when Arjuna hesitated, Krishna, our Supreme Personality of Godhead had to remind Arjuna that DHARMA-wise, it was his responsibility as a bona-fide kshatriya to fight and take back the land that was rightfully the Pandavas’. Likewise, it’s time to please Bose, to please Mahatma Gandhi [who was opposed to Nehru’s agreement for Partition], and to please Bhagavan Sri Krishna, by eliminating India’s dirtiest enemies, and re-possessing the entire lost land, thus also bringing to an end to the Jammu-Kashmir problem once and for all.

    I have faith that only Sri Subramanian Swami can bring glory back to India.

  4. What a lot of crap, instead of facts. Never was the INA in the forefront of the battles. Kohima battle stopped the Japanese advance. There was no Mizoram those days. Mountbatten was never holed up in Ceylon. The RN was still a very powerful force, which the Japanese cudnt defeat.

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