How Bolivians Defeated The Vaccine Mandate

It is quite interesting to see how exactly Bolivians defeated the vaccine mandate set out by their authorities. The protests and roadblocks have finally yielded favorable outcomes in the country.

How Bolivians Defeated The Vaccine Mandate

The government of socialist President Luis Arce abolished the necessity of proof of coronavirus vaccination to access any public institution or place of business on Jan. 19.

Jeyson Auza, the minister of health, issued the statement.

On December 28, representatives from the Movement for Socialism (MAS) released the original “supreme decrees” 4640 and 4641, which sparked widespread protests and legal challenges in the provinces of Santa Cruz, La Paz, Cochabamba, El Alto, and Sucre.

“Indigenous people [in Bolivia] have always been distrustful of Western medical initiatives,” attorney Alejandro Gutierrez told The Epoch Times.

Individuals opposing the vaccination mandates, according to Gutierrez, were referencing Article 44 of the country’s constitution, which prohibits medical or scientific experimentation without permission, as justification for overturning the orders.

On January 17, demonstrators set up roadblocks between El Alto and La Paz, the Bolivian capital.

Rudy Callisaya, the head of the rural magisterium in La Paz, said the blockages would remain in 20 provinces in the department of La Paz till the administration commits to repeal the vaccine regulations.

The routes that Callisaya and other protesters have promised to blockade are an important component of the supply system that allows food and basic items to reach La Paz.

The extensive Bolivian countryside provides the bulk of the city’s products.

On Jan. 18, solidarity rallies against the decrees in Cochabamba were confronted with a harsh police force.

Opponents of the vaccine regulations staged roadblocks along Petrolera Avenue and other sites in the city’s southern reaches.

In the afternoon, police arrived and dismantled the barricades while blasting tear gas at the defenseless protesters.

Later that evening, a larger group of protesters reappeared and reconstructed the roadway blocks.

The administration consented to withdraw the directives seeking evidence of immunization on Jan. 19, after a 48-hour stalemate with residents objecting to the mandates.

Auza said the government made the decision in order “to preserve the safety of the population against certain groups who don’t accept vaccination.”

He also stated that the regulations’ goal had already been “fulfilled,” with upwards of one million dosages of vaccinations administered since the start of a major case rise in December that spiked on January 10.

Since January 2020, the disease has claimed 20,291 individuals in Bolivia, with more than 11 million dosages of preventative vaccinations provided.

In comparison to neighbouring nations like Chile and Peru, only about 43% of the population is completely vaccinated. They have 88 percent and 69 percent immunisation rates, respectively.

On January 7, the Bolivian Ministry of Health’s National Director of Epidemiology, Freddy Armijo, announced the discovery of the novel Omicron variation in La Paz.

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  1. its curious how they force and mandate these poisonous injections for the supposedly good of the people, but when they start seeing how their crimes against humanity backfire, they retreat like the coward parasites they are. We need more of Bolivia’s example if we want to preserve humanity, always distrust western medicine.

  2. It is ALL about vast amounts of money being used as bribes, given to the governments, with oppressive string attached.

  3. These truckers have shown everyone how you attack infrastructure without violence. The Irishman Michael Collins said “Attack the infrastructure” and “Isolate and eliminate the locals going along with it not the higher ups”. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get to part 2.

    Now imagine if hundreds of people took their cars downtown and pulled into the left turn lane or on/off ramp, turned the car off, put the hazard lights, lift the hood and wait 5 minutes then “fix” it and leave before the cops or tow trucks get there. Traffic backs up and causes huge problems.

    If one person does it there is not much effect but if 10-100 do it on one part of the city it grinds to a halt. This is impossible to stop and could be communicated publicly “Wed at Noon Downtown”. Cars come from a dozen random directions and stop/stall.

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