BLM President Charged With Hate Crime In Canada

Adora Nwofor, the President of BLM, has been charged with a hate crime in Canada for interfering with people’s use of St. Thomas Aquinas School on 26 Avenue S.W. The charge states that the interference was motivated by bias, prejudice, or hate based on race or ethnic origin.

Adora Nwofor is photographed in Calgary on July 17, 2020. PHOTO BY AZIN GHAFFARI /Postmedia

The head of the Black Lives Matter movement in Calgary has been charged with a hate crime for allegedly impeding access to a Catholic school.

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Court records show Adora Nwofor was charged with mischief on June 2, in connection with an incident on May 26, for allegedly “wilfully obstructing and interfering” with the use of a property “primarily used for religious worship and educational purposes.”

It’s alleged she interfered with people’s use of St. Thomas Aquinas School on 26 Avenue S.W. “for reasons of bias, prejudice, or hate based on race or ethnic origin.”

Nwofor, 47, is president of Black Lives Matter YYC and has also been a strong activist for abortion rights.

She led a May 2022 rally at Olympic Plaza in protest of the U.S. Supreme Court’s anticipated overturning of Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that legalized abortion in that country.

The U.S. top court later followed through on a leaked draft decision and overturned Roe v. Wade.

At the May 15, 2022, rally, Nwofor expressed concerns the U.S. decision could ultimately impact abortion rights in Canada.

AB 957, which passed California’s State Assembly in May, makes it a crime to not recognize your child as transgender.

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