Billionaire Peter Thiel Pursues Immortality By Planning Cryopreservation After Death

In the podcast “Honestly with Bari Weiss”, billionaire Peter Thiel revealed that he plans to pursue immortality by undergoing cryopreservation after his death.

Billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel told independent journalist Bari Weiss on her podcast, “Honestly with Bari Weiss,” that when death comes knocking on his door, he has opted to be cryogenically frozen, even though he isn’t entirely sure if the technology will revive him at a future date. 

Weiss asked Thiel: 

“Is it true that you’re signed up to be cryonically preserved when you die so that you might be brought back to life in the future?”

The billionaire, who ranks 271 on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, with a net worth of $8.1 billion, responded: 

“Yes… But I think of it more as an ideological statement.”

“I don’t necessarily expect it to work, but I think it’s the sort of thing we’re supposed to try to do,” Thiel continued.

Weiss then asked Thiel if he made plans for his loved ones to be frozen too. That’s when he stated he was “not convinced” the technology works as intended (yet). 

“It’s more, I think we need to be trying things. It’s not there yet,” he said 

A new study led by Yale University and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard has discovered that information ‘deleted’ from the human genome may be what made us human.

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