Bill Gates-Funded AI Chatbots Promoted COVID Vaccines

The Nature study has evaluated the effectiveness of Bill Gates-funded AI chatbots in promoting COVID vaccines, and it concluded that the chatbots were effective.

Nature article published two days ago might make you go hmmmmm:

To increase lagging vaccination rates, scientists developed specialized AI actors to talk to people online to convince them to get vaccinated.

This was done in response to all-important but unmentioned “stakeholders” demanding that chatbots be deployed to improve vaccine acceptance among the refusers:

Employing the RE-AIM framework, process evaluation indicated strong acceptance and implementation support for vaccine chatbots from stakeholders, with high levels of sustainability and scalability.

Who are these stakeholders? The word sustainability was a dead giveaway, so I looked up the usual suspect. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is behind this idea and spent $6,183,326 on such “hybrid advising vaccine chatbots”:

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Johns Hopkins, another global stakeholder (also financed by Bill Gates), launched a chatbot called Vira.

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