US Senators Call For Bill To Audit The CDC – From Decision Making To Public Health Messaging

US Senators are calling for a Bill to finally audit the CDC – from its decision-making policies to public health messaging.

US Senators Call For Bill To Audit The CDC - From Decision Making To Public Health Messaging

A group of 10 Republican senators is backing legislation that would require an audit of the decision-making and public health messaging by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Senate proposal (read below), the Restore Public Health Institution Trust Act of 2021, would require the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to assess the CDC’s public health messaging and decision-making and prepare a report on its findings.

The report would include a review of the data that the CDC used to make its recommendations and whether the agency’s “inconsistent messaging” had an impact on the public’s trust and willingness to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

The measure would also require the GAO to determine whether outside entities, including teachers’ unions, were in a position to affect the CDC’s guidance.

The CDC revised its mask guidance last week, telling fully vaccinated people to don masks in crowded indoor settings. The agency based the decision on a study of an outbreak in Massachusetts which found that 74 percent of the people infected had been fully vaccinated.

People who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 yet still get infected with the delta strain could transmit the infection to unvaccinated people, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said in justifying renewed recommendations for mask-wearing.

The CDC has also announced that they will revoke the emergency use authorization given to RT-PCR for COVID-19 testing.

Meanwhile, on account of his recent congressional testimony, Dr Fauci maybe facing 5 years in prison for lying to the Congress about funding the Gain-of-function research at Wuhan lab.

American lawmakers have also introduced the Fire Fauci Act with the intention to fire Dr Anthony Fauci for misinformation with regards to COVID-19 and for covering-up the origin of the virus.

The Fire Fauci Act will bring Fauci’s salary to $0 and require Senate confirmation to fill his position.

Read the proposed Bill to Audit the CDC below:

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  1. More theater. If the U.S. Congress truly cared, they would have not ignored the release of the CDC Spider Papers. So maybe Fauci and a few other minions do get sacked. Big deal. Those actually pulling the strings will never be identified, little only bought to justice. A few overhyped cosmetic changes may come about. Whoop-de-do.

    Enjoy the show.

  2. 12 CDC whistleblowers have came forward:

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  4. CDC and Fraudci should be audited from the beginning when he began there until today.Fraudci has been the whore for Gates family,Astors,R.fellers,R.childs,Soros,other cabal for decades.He used the same b.s. Playbook with aids,which his lab probably created-its Not from some junglemonkey.Research 1970’s avianflu hysteria and Ford’s pushing Congress to give pharmamobstets immunity from prosecution.Fraudci and others pushed for immunity though thete was NO pandemic,just a couple of army guys who got sick probably from army experiments on them.Experimentalvaccines.o has a great video on history of vaccines and how they started in tge 1600’s,then epidemics would break out of the disease which many got jabbed for-jabs=more disease and death.Then thete were bans on shots.Then some medical community members would push king,queen,whomever into restarting shots,early on it was cowpox shots pr smallpox shots.Too many would die soon after from the shots or within a year from an outbreak.Banned again,then restarted.Love to know Who pushed the restarting of vaccine campaigns?Any particulat antihuman group???????Early pharma/vaccine co.s founded in Denmark in 1700’s Also,why was Medtronic heartpump proven to be unreliable,dangerous,and deadly allowed to be implanted in tens of thousands of vulnerable heartfailure patients????Peoples hearts were scorched,they bled out,they Vomitted blood and died.+3,000 payients died while the fda didnt ban all these implants.Propublica article,whateeallyhappened.c,stopthecrimes.o,abovetopsecret.c,

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