We Won’t Let Big Pharma Dictate Us Says Mexican President After Rejecting COVID Vaccine For Kids

The Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador has said that he won’t let Big Pharma dictate Mexico after he refused to purchase Covid vaccines for children, vowing that Mexico wouldn’t bow to pressure from drugs firms.

We Won't Let Big Pharma Dictate Us Says Mexican President After Rejecting COVID Vaccine For Kids

In remarks made earlier this week, the Mexican leader said his government was still waiting for the scientific community to demonstrate the benefits of vaccinating minors.

Until conclusive evidence was provided, Mexico would refuse to purchase jabs for children, Obrador announced, adding that pharmaceutical firms seemed to be focused more on making profits than on ensuring medical necessity as they rake in record sales from Covid-19 vaccines.

He was similarly critical of plans by drugs companies to introduce third – or even fourth-dose booster shots, opining that the jabs could be “superfluous.”

Recently, a Johns Hopkins study has found that there were zero COVID-19 deaths among healthy kids. Rather than acknowledge science, Dr. Makary says the CDC continues to use ‘flimsy evidence’ to push the COVID vaccine upon children.

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According to another series of new studies, deaths from COVID is ‘incredibly rare’ among children.

Speaking on the same topic, Undersecretary for Health Hugo López-Gatell claimed there was “no scientific evidence” showing the jab was “essential” for minors, given the high rate of inoculation among the adult population, Excélsior, Mexico City’s second-oldest daily, reported

Largely ignored by international media, Obrador’s provocative remarks went viral after an English-subtitled video of his speech was shared across social media. 

Several comments hailed the Mexican president’s “cajones” for calling out Big Pharma greed. Pfizer, for example, has boasted record profits and recently raised full-year sales estimates for its vaccine to $45 billion.

The Mexican President’s concerns regarding Big Pharma are very relevant seen through the recent assassinations of heads of state who rejected to implement their policies.

Right until July this year, Haiti was the only country in the western hemisphere without COVID-19 vaccines. Then, the US trained Columbian hit squad assassinated the Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and soon within days Haiti received delivery of its first vaccine doses and now vaccination is in full swing in the country.

Last year, the President of Belarus exposed how the World Bank forced sovereign governments to impose strict lockdowns for coronavirus aid.

Since then, Belarus became a target of Color Revolutions aimed at overthrowing Lukashenko.

A similar attempt was made on Tanzania. The European Union gave 27 million euros to Tanzania to impose COVID-19 measures prescribed by the WHO like strict lockdowns, masks and mass-scale vaccination.

However, Tanzania took the money, then declared the country coronavirus free. This led to the Europeans venting their anger in the parliament.

Like Lukashenko, even the Tanzanian President exposed the WHO’s fraudulent COVID-19 protocols.

He sent the WHO samples of a goat, a papaya and a quail for testing and all of them came COVID-19 positive.

His sudden death has raised many questions including whether Tanzania’s President was assassinated for exposing the COVID-19 plandemic by taking controversial action against Big Pharma and the WHO and their global push for vaccines.

Our readers may remember that last year even the President of Madagascar accused the WHO of offering a $20 million bribe to poison their local COVID-19 remedy.

GreatGameIndia has prepared a COVID-19 Assassination List – a list of people engaged in coronavirus research and critics of plandemic dropping dead in mysterious circumstances.

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  1. Great article. More people need to be aware of the extreme measures the Powers-That-Be are using to get this vaccine injected into all of the world’s population. We now know they’re willing to kill off leaders to forward their agenda. (God be with you, President Obrador.)

    When will forcible injections start taking place? The U.S. mainstream media has been making arguments for vaccine mandates for a while now. Those legitimately questioning mandates (e.g. science writer Alex Berenson) have been blatantly censored.

    How far away are we from having to choose between a needle and a bullet?

  2. After what the previous Tanzania ’s president, John Magufuli did in denying the Covid 19 Narrative as not Rocket Science to see how the Elites would take it so one way to stop the negative reaction towards the Covid 19 Narrative was to murder President John Magufuli exactly how they did do Kary Mullis just a couple of months until RT-PCR Tests were going to be used for Covid 19.

    Firstly GGI commenters need to stop calling these Experimental Gene Therapy inoculations as Vaccines they are not even close.

    Here is the real facts from one American Patriot I believe Stew Peters on Rumble, everyone here needs to watch this clip currently over 1.1 Million views


  3. Hope mexican president steps up hs security. Like belarus & brazil they still may live if they allow vaxtermination of adults but who knows? Also leader of madagascar and burundi opposed to the potion are gone too. The devil wants that snake & scorpion nano body dna in all whether they die or live.

  4. Your welcome Fairlander there is more videos from Stew Peters on his Rumble channel he tends to tread where no Patriot or Conservative has ever gone before that I am aware of. Stew Peters is where I go for all the updated truth on the Covid 19 Narrative.

  5. Get on YouTube and his other sites
    Retired Army Col Roy Potter he is telling his followers to stock up now.
    All he says to protect his source is to stock up now as of end of July program. No longer sitting back what is taking place. Time to wake up.. Also very important is the
    International lawsuits have been filed in US Canada and Germany and more planned by a German lawyer who has all the proof the courts need . The faulty PCR test by CDC to use fear and propaganda to get people to take the GMI ( Genetic modified Injection) mRNA not a vaccine as safe and the death counts using faulty testing. The lockdowns causing financial and mental abuse.
    Follow #drreinerfuellmich
    He has all the proof from expert witnesses in health and Virologist who worked for Pfizer.
    Greatgameindia are heros to health .Everyone needs to get their information now. The Great Reset 2021 from Davos Switzerland Klaus Schwab and hid global partners is behind the scenes with WHO . The 1 percent control all major sectors in stocks. They think they are too big to fall .

  6. I read so many varied articles and happy to see there are a lot of us getting information from same sources. But I digress.

    My point was I read [ unfortunately can’t recall where[ state of nation seems to stand out or zerohedge] anyway…..the writer made a very intelligent point that could explain the urgency in getting ALL of us vaccinated [ aside from the eugenics point of view]. He speculated that the globalist [ klaus nazi schwab …my words not his] would have a ” control group” outstanding to compare the kill shot to and prove how damaging the shots are through adverse reactions through a definate time frame.

    Makes perfect sense since these are ” experimental treatments that neither protect nor stop transmission of a thing. They tend to help spread the virus injected into the cells a d make subjects walking viruses.

    With a TRUE experiment you would have a control group [ they used the placebo shots for that] but dont use it for anything except alleviate fear that ” everyone dont get sick. Because it’s a blind study meaning we dont know who gets real toxic shot and who gets saline it’s hard to track real results of the experiment but with a solid chunk of over 65% not taking the shot they have a solid comparison to adverse effects.

    These insane psychopathic monsters who call themselves leaders are in need of full compliance to cover their tracks .

    So good job Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador…..just say NO….Mexicans dont play…try to kill him and see how well that works out for cia/mossad/ five eyes…..lol

    If we still had a sane president like Trump the mexican gate would be closed [ even if Trump had to pay them off…price of doing business with cartels.] To all those germ carrying children Biden let in to be abused and only god knows what else [ a lot of them are pregnant as they cross….stem cells big business.

    As for needle or bullets….no needle….let’s just leave it at that for now.

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  8. Ïmportant – this is a huge scandal

    “Covid” patients in the US were poisoned to death by Fauci.

    Listen from 8:20 onwards on how Remdesivir was effectively chosen by Fauci himself for it’s sheer lethality to be given to COVID patients. Fauci stated that all hospitals in America were only to give Remdesivir to COVID patients and nothing else, and also criminally ordered that Hydroxychloroquine was not to be used to treat COVID as Fauci dishonestly stated it is very dangerous for COVID patients.

    Fauci knew 2 years before he mandated Remdesivir as the only drug to be used how deadly it’s effects would certainly be, this being clear evidence that he deliberately mass-murdered all those American people who died allegedly from COVID whose symptoms were actually those of fatal Remdesivir poisoning…………..


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