Biden’s Surveillance State

The Biden administration announced the Restrict Act, which will mark the beginning of Biden’s surveillance state targeting online activity.

Sure enough, right after the recent leak of sensitive national security documents by a 21-year-old, low-ranking national guardsman, the Biden administration announced it is considering “expanding how it monitors social media sites and chatrooms.” Fun fact, expansion into every part of our online activity has long been underway, and it is about to get much worse if the Restrict Act is passed. While short, Biden’s statement below indicates what we have now come to expect from “our partners and allies” in the national security surveillance state—expanding surveillance.

The Restrict Act

Few have probably read the Restrict Act, so it was easy for politicians and legacy media to present the bill as a mere ban on TikTok. The Restrict Act was labeled the TikTok bill—to distract, gaslight, and hide what Congress is working on from the public. If Congress has its way, the Restrict Act will be passed, perhaps with some conciliatory but meaningless amendments.

The Restrict Act is a terrifying bill that will, as Tulsi Gabbard says below, effectively “impose a digital iron curtain,” allowing the government to do more of what they are already doing—monitor us, censor us, and crush dissent in the name of keeping us all safe. How about those borders, guys?

The Pentagon documents leak has been traced to users arguing over the war in Ukraine in closed video game chat groups hosted by Discord.

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