Biden UN Appointee Calls For ‘Mandatory Reparations’ Of $5 Million Per Person

Justin Hansford, a professor at Howard University School of Law and a Biden UN appointee, calls for ‘mandatory reparations’ of $5 million per person for slavery-era abuses.

A group of African American academics is pushing for a UN ‘reparations tribunal’ to make Washington pay multimillion dollar sums to black citizens for slavery-era abuses, can reveal.

Justin Hansford, a professor at Howard University School of Law, led the charge for $5 million payouts to black Americans at the UN this week, flanked by colleagues from the University of Pittsburgh and Columbia University.

The long-shot effort underscores how reparation payouts are unpopular among white American taxpayers and have little chance of becoming federal law, leaving advocates scrambling for a workaround.

‘I come to you today with a novel proposal, that we begin to think our own thoughts, propose our own vision of justice, and implement that justice,’ Hansford told UN racial justice talks in New York City this week.

The Permanent Forum on People of African Descent is running at UN headquarters in New York City from 30 May to 2 June 2023

He called for a ‘process of apology, and reparation — not on their terms, but on our terms.’

Hansford, a rising star of the critical race theory movement who draws on the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr, spoke at the UN Permanent Forum on People of African Descent, a group that was created in 2021.

The ‘special tribunal’ was formally proposed by David Comissiong, representing Barbados, a Caribbean island state. 

Hansford quickly endorsed the plan. He later told that many African and Caribbean UN members were behind the scheme.

The US mission to the UN, which is headed by ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a Biden administration appointee who is black, does not officially support the tribunal. 

But Hansford said US diplomats at the mission had been ‘supportive overall.’

With Ukraine choosing to ignore U.S. limits and conditions on the use of American-supplied weapons, the United States might be losing its control over Ukraine.

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