Biden To Offer Saudi Arabia Defense Treaty In Exchange For Official Ties With Israel

The Wall Street Journal has reported that officials have revealed Biden will offer Saudi Arabia a defense treaty in exchange for official ties with Israel.

Biden To Offer Saudi Arabia Defense Treaty In Exchange For Official Ties With Israel 1

The White House is ready to present a strategy that calls for new formal connections between Riyadh and Tel Aviv in exchange for Saudi Arabia becoming an ally akin to Japan. Despite the significant work the Biden administration has put into finalizing the agreement, it is probably doomed from the start because Saudi Arabia will not improve relations with Israel until it accepts the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, American, Israeli, and Saudi officials said that Washington is willing to sign a defense agreement for Saudi Arabia as long as Riyadh maintains regular diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv. It would not be a “peace agreement,” though, because there is no war between the two nations.

Biden To Offer Saudi Arabia Defense Treaty In Exchange For Official Ties With Israel 2

Before the deal can be completed, a few obstacles must be overcome, and it seems improbable that they will. Even if Biden wants to ally with Saudi Arabia through a treaty, two-thirds of the Senate must support the proposal. The agreement would also compel Tel Aviv to stop its assault on Gaza and make steady progress toward establishing a Palestinian state. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, has consistently declined to do so as well.

The White House has continued talks despite the agreement’s evident roadblocks. The administration does not want to “miss a historic opportunity to achieve the vision of a secure Israel, flanked by strong regional partners, presenting a powerful front to deter aggression and uphold regional stability,” as National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated last month. “We are pursuing this vision every day,” he continued.

Should the agreement be approved, Riyadh would become Washington’s sole treaty ally in the Arab world—a position not even held by Tel Aviv. Additionally, the agreement would grant US access to Saudi airspace. The pact is a component of talks leading to a more comprehensive agreement wherein Saudi Arabia would receive nuclear technology from the United States.

The agreement might present political challenges for President Biden. Although Biden stated during his campaign that he would approach Saudi Arabia as a “pariah state” in light of the regime’s order to kill Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi, he has been significantly less critical of the oppressive kingdom since taking office.

There are significant demonstrations in the US against Biden’s backing of Israel and its now eighth-month-long war on Gaza, which could contribute to domestic opposition to the accord.

For the sake of Israel’s regional interests, Americans might oppose becoming an ally with Saudi Arabia because the treaty is essentially a bribe to Riyadh to accept official relations with Tel Aviv.

Recently, GreatGameIndia reported that Israel signed a $3 billion deal with Lockheed Martin for 25 F-35 jets, said Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, strengthening ties with the US amid regional tensions.

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