Best Cricket Based Video Games to Play 

Cricket was never invented in India. But for Indians today, this sport has a different fan base altogether. Cricket has entered the minds and the hearts of almost all the people living in India, from those who enjoy playing the game to those who enjoy watching the game and predicting who is going to win. Whenever there is a cricket match, especially before the advent of the television or before the television entered each and every house, people would gather and huddle together in front of the only device that could tell them the score of a particular cricket match and pray that India won. The times have changed and television sets are now there in every house, but watching a cricket match live is still the most entertaining thing you will ever see. But, that’s where the Covid-19 pandemic factors in. With cricket stadiums being under lock and key for so long, and the daily or weekly cricket matches not being held, cricket enthusiasts need something to hold on to. And that is where this article comes in because we have brought you some of the best video games based on cricket that you can play to pass the time till you can play cricket on the playground in real life. 

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The following is a selection of the top video games based on cricket for you to check out now:

  • Brian Lara International Cricket 2005: Every cricket fan or even just plain old sports video games fan must have heard of the Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 video game at least once in their life. This video game has a pick n play factor with some all time favourites being part of the list of selections. Named after Ricky Ponting in Australia and Yuvraj Singh in India, the Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 video game also has a Classic XI having a host of the great cricketers of all time;
  • Cricket 07: This is a game for every cricket fan ever. With even a virtual commentary booth handled by the fan favourite Richard Benaud and Andrew Flintoff on the cover, what is not to like about Cricket 07, huh? Cricket 07 has been a marked step forward since Cricket 05 and even with the major blow with the loss of licensing, it has created several memories for all cricket gaming enthusiasts;
  • Cricket Captain 2020: Available on Steam from June 2020, Cricket Captain 2020 has a far more advanced match engine, the inclusion of The Hundred and a far more complex weather system. The game gets more and more complex and along with that, more and more interesting every single year with the host of updates available. This video game therefore has actually taken up quite the space in the worlds of all avid cricket fans who believe that this video game on cricket is really The Holy Grail! 

So, go on ahead and find a video game on cricket to play from the list above. You could also check out Stick Cricket, Ashes Cricket 2009 and more. 

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