American Avenger Air Defense Systems Spotted In Syria

The spotting of American Avenger Air Defense Systems on the highway linking Iraq and Syria has fueled speculations regarding US move in the Levant warzone – kickstarting again the Endless Wars. At the time of this writing the US has already carried out military strikes in Syria.

American Avenger Air Defense Systems Spotted In Syria

Speculations are rife after a picture of trucks carrying Avenger short-range air defense systems on the Iraqi-Syrian border emerged.

The pictures that appeared on social media do not offer proof as to the exact location and date of the picture.

Avenger short-range air defense systems syria

The picture reportedly showing Avenger short-range air defense systems was taken through the broken window of a passing vehicle, on a highway between the Iraqi city of Ramadi and the Syrian border.

The Avenger short-range air defense systems captured in Ramadi can engage in fixed-wing low-flying helicopters and aircraft and monitor drones.

With militants choosing explosive devices as their choice of weapon, this unmanned aircraft can overcome the threat.

The picture taken along the highway between Iraq and Syria raises a question regarding the final destination of the air defense system.

According to speculation, they may reach a forward base, facilitating operations of the US and other coalition forces who carry operations with cooperation from Kurdish groups.

It could either move to Deir Ez-Zor, Syria’s northeastern governorate, or move to U.S garrison, the highly strategic area at At Tanf. The Pentagon reports the spread of 900 American troops along with various Syrian outposts.

Syria War Theatre Map

Also known as AN/TWQ-1, Avenger is a turreted SHORAD (short-range air defense system). It has two launchers and effectively holds FIM-92Stinger missiles along with a machine gun (.50 caliber MP3).

Using the turret, forces can mount it on the back of the Humvee and emplace it atop structures or in fixed positions. The air defense system has a single operator who can use a laser range-finder, optical sight, and infrared camera to target threats.

Operators can cue Avenger using off-board sensors like AN/MPQ-64S Sentinel radar through a centralized fire direction center.

Avenger also has improved versions of Stinger missiles. It is optimized to use against small drones due to the addition of a radar proximity fuze and conformal antenna.

While speculations surrounding the Avengers started in January, it is the first time any evidence of bringing the new air defense detachment has come out.

At present, Avengers is the only vehicle-based SHORAD system used by the US military. Until now, only the National Guard units and US Marine Corps used the Avenger.

The pictures released have no clear markings, making it impossible to detect the unit/units the Avenger may belong to. The U.S military is in the process of acquiring a hi-tech drone system, including a new SHORAD to strengthen its defense system.

At the time of this writing the US has already carried out military strikes in Syria.

The news comes after GreatGameIndia reported on how the mainstream media was laying the groundwork for Joe Biden to increase American military presence in Iraq and the entire Levant warzone after the twin suicide bombings in Baghdad.

The Joe Biden administration has also scrapped its predecessor’s Afghan peace deal to pull all NATO forces out of Afghanistan. In January, the Pentagon had confirmed Trump’s order to cut off US troop numbers in Afghanistan to 2500 troops in total.

The endless wars brought to a halt by the Donald trump administration by phasing out Operation Timber Sycamore may soon begin with the resurrection of ISIS, ofcourse with the tacit support of the CIA and Mi6.

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