Australia’s New Digital Identity System Would Give Tyrannical Politicians Total Control

Australia’s federal and state politicians and bureaucracies have revealed beyond any reasonable doubt that they are willing to attack citizens’ rights when it suits their purposes. Australia’s new digital identity system would give tyrannical politicians total control.

Australia’s New Digital Identity System Would Give Tyrannical Politicians Total Control

The proposed bill to create a Digital Identity system that applies to everyone, according to the Australian federal government, is important because “effective governance of the system is essential to the efficient operation of, and instilling public trust and confidence in, the system.”

The issue is that the Australian government has completely lost its legitimacy. Over the course of the “pandemic’s” two years, Australian governments have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to preserve core democratic institutions, basic human rights – particularly the right to privacy in one’s health – or the independent rule of law.

Government trust has eroded for a huge portion of the populace, and deservedly so. Politicians and government bureaucrats have consistently proved that they are not in it for the people’s best interests. Instead, they give directives and punish those who do not follow them.

Failure to comply with orders to be injected with an experimental gene treatment means being thrown out of society and losing your job in most regions of the country. What does “effective governance” mean in this context?

The concept of a digital ID is not new. Bob Hawke’s Labor government fought hard for Identity Card legislation in the 1980s, but it was unsuccessful. This time, it’s more crucial to oppose it.

Digital technology can provide the government complete control over the citizens and their actions. In the first case, it would include healthcare and expand the use of the already notorious Covid-19 digital certificates, which are required to gain access to most events and businesses.

It isn’t going to end there. All telecommunications will be monitored, and access to government services, social media, banking services, and travel will be controlled, thanks to a digital identity. To put it another way, total power.

The plan would have already been risky if Australian governments and the public sector served the public for the vast majority of the time which they don’t. Creating a digital ID system that could be exploited in the future would still be a risk not worth taking.

The government’s arguments that it will lead to more “efficient operation” or that it will allow it to crack down on black market activity are, at most, marginal gains that do not worth the disadvantages.

The benefits are minimal, and they are shrouded in the usual useless management lingo that governments use to disguise more sinister aims. The truth is that digital IDs provide more control, which is something that governments cannot resist.

The plan is even more worrisome in light of the fact that Australia’s federal and state politicians and bureaucracies have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are willing to undermine citizens’ rights when it serves their interests.

The majority of government employees have blindly followed authoritarian directives, with little empathy or flexibility. Ordinary, good people have apparently endured a medical apartheid reminiscent of Third Reich.

The courts provide no protection, the media propagandizes, and academia has been a willing partner in the dictatorship for the most part. Almost every democratic institution in the country has suffered significant harm.

So, in that situation, what could be the justification for granting governments even more influence over regular Australians’ lives? Currently, the federal administration is putting on a show of consulting with the public in order to maintain the illusion that we still live in a free country.

That procedure must not be relied upon. The scope of public opposition to this legislation should be expanded; it is critical to the country’s survival.

The proof that government do not care about our best interests is all around us. The right to free speech is being relentlessly suppressed. People who speak out, like myself, have been prosecuted with inciting and accused of committing a crime for wishing to gather with people of similar mind to voice a political viewpoint.

When entering a café, going to work, or attending a sporting event, Australians are asked to present their “papers.” Refusing to do so can result in hefty fines. No one appears to mind that this violates the Federal Privacy Act, which is a criminal felony. It implies that we are no longer a law-based society, and that the democratic checks and balances have crumbled.

Anyone who is paying attention has seen the potential wrongdoings of government. Those individuals must now concentrate on the proposed law, which, if passed, has the potential to lead to even more heinous crimes.

I’ve been subjected to the government’s wrath and am now facing criminal prosecution for advocating for human rights. My phone and conversations are almost certainly being watched on a daily basis, I can’t run from them. If they’re willing to use their powers against me, I’m confident they’ll use them against any law-abiding, tax-paying person.

All legislation that is passed in Australia must be closely monitored. Australia is becoming a police state as a result of laws like these. They’re continuously attempting to expand their abilities in order to control our every move, and we’re not going to let them!

We demand the restoration of our God-given rights. We desire the ability to take our own decisions and speak freely without fear of retaliation. We will not surrender until our privileges are restored.

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  1. “I’ve been subjected to the government’s wrath and am now facing criminal prosecution for advocating for human rights. My phone and conversations are almost certainly being watched on a daily basis, I can’t run from them.”

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