The “Correct” Attitude About The War In Ukraine

There are themes in the West that are difficult to question without running the risk of receiving sharp criticism. For the following themes, for example, there is a position considered “correct” by Western collective opinion: “Welfare State,” “climate policy,” “multicultural society,” or “covid-19 vaccination.” It is implied that the “acceptable” position to each one of these themes can and should be adopted without any prior critical analysis at the individual level.

The Correct Attitude About The War In Ukraine

The list of these themes is not static; new ones rise to prominence in society, while others become less important over time. In recent years two new themes have emerged: “authoritarian Russia” and “communist China,” which is not surprising considering that Washington, and thus, by extension. the West, has decided to treat these two nations as strategic enemies. A recent study shows, for example, that in a very short time the percentage of Americans with a negative view of China increased dramatically, from 46 percent to 67 percent. This is not a coincidence, but the result of a media communication strategy.

The Critique of the Antiwar Position

As far as Russia is concerned, the “correct” attitude to have in the West, especially since the start of the Ukraine conflict on February 24, 2022, is no less than an absolute condemnation of that country. Support for Ukraine must be comprehensive and can receive social confirmation by a small blue and yellow flag on Facebook. Unconditional support for the economic war waged by Western leaders against Russia is also socially required for Europeans, even though they will be the first to suffer from it.

It is for this reason that the Amnesty International report of August 4, 2022, which confirmed that “Ukrainian forces putting civilians at risk and violating the laws of war when they operate in populated areas” became a media bomb, not only in Ukraine but also in the West. This report disturbs a lot of people because it is not in line with the black and white view of Russia as a criminal aggressor and Ukraine as an innocent victim.

The people who do not take the “correct” stance on the conflict in Ukraine are often accused of being “pro-Russian,” even when this stance simply consists in being objective; by considering the recent history and behavior of the various protagonists. They are considered “pro-Russian” because they do not express unconditional support for Ukraine, but more often, propose conditions for peace. Indeed, the position of most of these critics is not at all “pro-Russian,” but “pro-peace” by supporting active Western efforts to reach a ceasefire, thus sparing as many Ukrainian lives as possible.

Western media did not react when, on July 14, 2022, the Ukrainian government published a black list of Western politicians, academics, and activists who, according to Kiev, “promote Russian propaganda.” This list includes leading Western intellectuals and politicians, such as Republican Senator Rand Paul, former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, military and geopolitical analyst Edward N. Luttwak, the political realist John Mearsheimer, and award-winning freelance journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Though this Ukrainian blacklist should obviously have been condemned in the West, it has hardly elicited any reactions at all, because the Western media already agree with its conclusion: the people on the list are already criticized in their own countries for not adopting the pro-Ukrainian position. Moreover, would the Ukrainian government have dared to publish such a list if it had not had the prior agreement of Washington?

The Formation of the Collective Opinion

What is happening in the case of the attitude toward Russia, as well as in the other themes mentioned above, is not surprising or new. In his famous work, On Liberty (1859), John Stuart Mill is perhaps today best known for his prescient early warning of the dangers of the “collective opinion”; the “tyranny of the majority” in the form of “the dominant opinions and feelings that society is trying to impose” on a minority.

Society’s majority is naturally intolerant of nonconformism, because thinking like everyone else gives psychological comfort and strengthens social ties. Yet, though society depends on collective opinion for its social cohesion, paradoxically it also depends for its well-being on views that run counter to this majority opinion. Just as natural science progresses only through the sometimes tortuous but generally respectful process of peer review, society also needs minority opinions and dissident voices to curb the permanent search for consensus on the part of the majority.

But minority opinions will suffocate if there is no deeper understanding of Mill’s idea. Fortunately, this understanding exists today. To Mill’s “collective opinion” were added fundamental sociological concepts, such as “crowd psychology” (Gustave Le Bon, 1895), the “political formula” (Gaetano Mosca, 1923), “propaganda” (Edward Bernays, 1928), the “role of the intellectuals” (F.A. Hayek, 1949), the “banality of evil” (H. Arendt, 1963), the “manufacturing of consent” (Chomsky and Herman, 1988), and recently the concept of “mass formation psychosis” (Matthias Desmet).

This accumulated knowledge in the reference above leaves no doubt about the will and the ability of Western political and financial elites to form and direct collective opinion through the control that they exert explicitly and implicitly on the editorial boards of traditional media and on social media platforms. The development of the opinions of Western majorities to the themes mentioned at the beginning of this article is largely the result of these elites” influence on Western public opinion. The collective opinion with respect to climate change is probably the most glaring example of this influence today, considering the significant economic consequences that it will have for Western society.

Libertarianism Is the Only Solution

Political globalization, an antiliberal process which has been underway for several decades, has the effect of aligning national political centers and thus reducing plurality. Gradually, Western political power is flowing toward supranational institutions (like the UN, the EU, the World Economic Forum). This centralization of political power, and the resulting economic concentration of business, including concentration of media groups that this has entailed enables and facilitates the formation of public opinion by the Western elites.

The political philosophy that theoretically is best placed to solve this dilemma of modern society is libertarianism, because it clearly argues for a significant and definitive reduction of political power, both nationally and internationally.

One of the strengths of libertarianism is precisely the importance it places on the cultural and intellectual plurality of a free society. This is the famous “marketplace of ideas” which, like the free market in goods and services, can only exist partially with the pervasive crony capitalism and massive State intervention that most Western societies are subject to today. In a free society, that is, a highly decentralized society with a weak State having at most a night watchman role, the formation of public opinion by political elites then becomes impossible.

The present moment in history represents a particular threat to freedom, because the ruling globalist elites now have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the attitudes and opinions of their societies, in their own, often twisted, interests. At the same time, the new and easy access by the general public to alternative analyses and independent information, can counteract this nefarious trend. In these social conditions, Western voices of freedom must continue to present libertarianism, not only for its economic benefits but also as a means of liberating Western peoples from the chains of directed collective opinion.

Finn Andreen is a political writer, idealist thinker and world traveler. This article was originally published on the Mises Institute.

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  1. NATO violated every agreement they made with Russia, including no membership for Ukraine, and no offensive weapons to be placed in Ukraine; and no expansion of NATO beyond the original members. Twenty-one, or thirty, depending on the reporting, bio-labs in Ukraine, working on deadly pathogens, were, and are, a threat to Russia. Then there are the Azov battalions, total Nazis in their aims and thinking, which Ukraine has not only refused to eliminate, but instead has placed them front and center as being great nationalists for Ukraine. The slaughter of over 14,000 ethnic Russian Ukrainians by these Nazis was sanctioned by the Ukrainian government. Lastly, as we sink into bankrupcy, China Joe continues to send billions of $ without any accountability. Gotta be a hot market for American arms in the middle east, and how many millions, or billions, are being squirreled away by very undemocratic Ukrainian politicians, where all competing political parties have been banned, as well as opposing newspapers and commentators? How about our own borders, you subversive rats!

  2. So true. Hypocrisy and money laundering operation. Selling us all out and demonizing Russia. It’s not working especially since Russia has successfully found other markets and reliable trading partners (unlike the West).
    To the article, yes we are told to believe everything that is said about ukraine and climate change, green energy, and vaccines. It’s all lies, nothing true.
    Take ‘green’ energy. Really mining rare earth elements for batteries is greener than 1oil well that is extracting oil and gas from 2 miles under ground in a 4 mile circumfrence. Emphasis on rare now hunting in Greenland! Oil and gas are naturally seeping up through the Earth’s mantle to the crust and should be extracted to release pressure on the crust. Oil and gas are some of the best sources of energy and they are abundant, not rare, and also not derived from fossils! They are a-biotic meaning they are not derived from biologic matter meaning not from fossils. O and as you power your electric vehicle, where is that electric coming from? Most likely a coal powered electric facility if you are east of the Mississippi. Lucky coal plants are just steam emissions. Seems that the coal went green a long time ago with kiln innovation (late 70’s). Instead we are switching to wind power. Really expensive when you don’t need it, kills all avion creatures, but the green upshot is feeds a lot of coyotes so that’s green.
    Every one of the topics that we are gaslighted on are completely criminal. Vaccines are deadly. Climate change by man in this day and age is fiction ( but they have machines that are artificially changing the weather- HARP), to drive their narrative and make their markets. CO2 is not a danger and the earth has a mechanism for dealing with it. We just need to get rid of the bad people that are doing the bad things (like the West/USA refusing to make peace in Ukraine, not enacting the Minsk accords, and killing 14000 innocents in eastern Ukraine by their own people). And are supposed to believe russia is bad? 46 usa bio weapons labs. The US is responsible for all the problems, all the deaths, and don’t forget USA armed isis. Hundreds of thousands died. USA should be cut off and now they have goaded Europe into freezing for winter. Enjoy

  3. I have a few simple but clear reason for not supporting Zelensky.
    Under Zelensky Nazism is flourishing.
    Zelensky is running a dictatorship.
    Zelensky is a panty waste actor that was groomed for being a dictator by the likes Klaus Schwab, Rothschild Group, George Soros…
    Ukraine has become a hideout for biolabs, global financial money laundering, nefarious activities by the oligarchs.
    And, last but not least, under the guidance of the oligarchs Zelensky aggravated and poked Russia into starting the conflict and, since the Russian people want nothing to do with Klaus Schwab and the Rothschild Group ‘the WEF’, Russia is happy to go into Ukraine and clean up the mess.

    I’m an observant southern U. S. conservative Who learned to study world history, the conduct of governments being manipulated by the super wealthy and I know the meaning of colonialism for the purpose of protecting the financial interest of old dynasties.

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