Artist Uses AI To Create Historical Images Of Taj Mahal’s Construction. See Pics

Artist Jyo John Mulloor used the AI image generator Midjournery to create historical images depicting the construction of the Taj Mahal, which he shared on Instagram.

People worldwide have been embracing the trend of using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate unique and stunning artworks. From showing GOT characters dressed by an Indian costume designer to spine-chilling pics of Old Delhi at night, people are sharing various images online. There is now the latest inclusion to that list. Shared on Instagram, this set of pictures shows what the Taj Mahal might have looked like during its construction.

“A glimpse into the past! Shah Jahan’s incredible legacy, the Taj Mahal, captured during its construction. Grateful to have these rare photos and his permission letter to share with you all,” read the caption shared along with the photos. The pictures were created with the help of the AI image generator Midjournery and were shared by the artist Jyo John Mulloor on Instagram. The first few images in the series show the Taj Mahal in its construction phase, with workers working to bring the magnificent structure to life. The last second picture portrays the monument in all its grandeur.

Jyo John Mulloor, an AI enthusiast posted AI pics that show GOT characters dressed by Indian designer.

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