South Korean Physicists Create “Artificial Sun” To Get Clean Nuclear Energy

South Korean physicists created an “artificial sun” to get clean nuclear energy. By starting a powerful nuclear reaction, South Korean physicists have unearthed an artificial source of clean nuclear energy.

South Korean Physicists Create Artificial Sun To Get Clean Nuclear Energy

South Korean scientists have unearthed an artificial source of clean nuclear energy by commencing a powerful nuclear reaction with temperatures seven times greater than the Sun. According to a New York Post report, the discovery of creating an “artificial Sun” depicted a substantial advance in their research.

The Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) reactor managed to reach temperatures of more than 100 million degrees Celsius for approximately 30 seconds, achieving this landmark for the first time, according to researchers from Seoul National University and the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy, the outlet added.

On Friday, the Science Alert page posted a video of the KSTAR heating up to the extreme temperatures on YouTube.

Watch the video below:

“Ion temperature shown in color over a period of 24 seconds, achieved by the Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR),” reads the caption of the post.

Charge-exchange spectroscopy, ECE, TS, and Mirnov coil signals, according to the post, are converted into audible sound so that the plasma can be identified through the sound.

The actual sun’s core temperature is around 15 million degrees. Nuclear fusion refers to the process of joining atomic nuclei observed in stars through the self-heating of materials in a plasma state. According to the New York Post, the study, which attempts to replicate the natural processes of the sun, is deemed as a historic moment in this field.

The South Korean researchers aim to maintain plasma temperatures above 100 million degrees for 50 seconds by the end of the year, and for 300 seconds by the end of 2026.

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