Artificial Rain Test Successful In IIT Kanpur

The successful artificial rain test conducted by scientists from IIT Kanpur opens up possibilities for creating rainfall in drought-prone regions of Uttar Pradesh.

IIT Kanpur, renowned for its research and innovation, has made a significant stride in the field of weather modification. After years of dedicated efforts, scientists at the institute have successfully conducted a test of artificial rain through cloud seeding.

This achievement opens up possibilities for creating rainfall in drought-prone regions of Uttar Pradesh, offering hope for agricultural communities facing water scarcity.


The project, initiated by IIT Kanpur in 2017, faced multiple hurdles, including delays in obtaining necessary permissions. However, after meticulous preparations and thorough evaluations, the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) finally granted permission for the test flight.

The state government had already given its consent for the trial of cloud seeding, making way for this crucial experiment.

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