Apple’s Next Big iPhone Update Lets You Create A Digital Voice That Sounds Like You

The latest preview of the Apple iPhone showcased the next big update, which will allow users to create a digital voice that sounds like them.

Ahead of its June WWDC event, Apple on Tuesday previewed a suite of accessibility features that will be coming “later this year” in its next big iPhone update.

The new “Personal Voice” feature, expected as part of iOS 17, will let iPhones and iPads generate digital reproductions of a user’s voice for in-person conversations and on phone, FaceTime and audio calls.

Apple said Personal Voice will create a synthesized voice that sounds like a user and can be used to connect with family and friends. The feature is aimed at users who have conditions that can affect their speaking ability over time.

Apple iOS 17 Personal Voice
Apple Personal Voice

Users can create their Personal Voice by recording 15 minutes of audio on their device. Apple said the feature will use local machine-learning technology to maximize privacy.

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