Apple Demands Taiwan Suppliers Use ‘Made In China’ Labels

Apple’s latest approach has already drawn criticism because the business does not support suppliers that see Taiwan as an independent nation. The outrage was in reaction to Apple’s demands that Taiwan suppliers use the ‘Made in China’ labels.

Apple Demands Taiwan Suppliers Use Made In China Labels

After a contentious visit to the island, Apple has informed suppliers that everything that exported from Taiwan must bear a “Made in China” tag in order to properly abide with Chinese customs requirements, according to Nikkei Asia.

The rule, which has been in place for some time, hasn’t been enforced. It is necessary for shipments from Taiwan to indicate the fact that it is a component of the People’s Republic of China.

Apple reportedly advised suppliers to consider the situation cautiously to prevent any disruptions brought on by customs withholding shipments.

According to Insider Paper, Apple’s approach has already drawn criticism because the business does not permit suppliers that see Taiwan as an independent nation to “opt out” of labeling their products as “Made in China.”

An organization called GreatFire, which works against Chinese online censorship shared its opinion.

It said that the move was a step ahead of Apple’s previous slight. Apple had removed the Taiwan flag from its emoji keyboards for users in Hong Kong and China.

“Is it a question of time before Apple starts removing apps whose name contains the characters [for] Taiwan without specifying ‘province of China?,” GreatFire asked.

“Unfortunately, we suspect that Apple’s ‘red-line’, the moment where it will say: ‘Stop, no longer, we cannot continue to collaborate with the Chinese regime and enforce its requests for censorship,’ is nowhere close,” Benjamin Ismail from GreatFire told the Register news site.

-Insider Paper

Maybe vendors that break the rule can hire John Cena to make amends?

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