Antifa Summer Camp In Portland Teaches Anarchy To Children

An Antifa summer camp in Portland is teaching anarchy to children. A BLM coloring book that supports transgender acceptance and a chant that likens the government to a rapist are just two examples of the camp’s questionable curriculum.

Antifa Summer Camp In Portland Teaches Anarchy To Children

A summer camp in Portland, Oregon, is giving kids the chance to become aspiring social justice warriors (SJW) while “reflecting on white supremacy” and practicing Black Lives Matter (BLM) chants about putting “killer cops in jail.”

The Budding Roses program for fourth to eighth graders in August is an initiative of the Black Rose Anarchist Federation, a political group that promotes anarchist beliefs that some claim contributed to the 2020 Portland riots.

The Portland Police Association released a press release in June 2021 stating that the Portland Police Bureau Rapid Response Team had stepped down from their volunteer roles as a result of the “political venom” of local politicians who had not only failed to support the squad during the Portland riots that started in 2020 and kept going through 2021, but also had vilified it.

The decision to leave is a step in the direction of what Budding Roses educates young people in the chant, “Cops and borders, We don’t need them.”

A BLM coloring book that supports transgender acceptance and a chant that likens the government to a rapist are just two examples of how the camp’s curriculum seems to be subjecting kids to racial fixation and violent sexual themes, as is the case with many SJW objectives.

“It’s the state that’s our oppressor, It’s the rapist government,” the chant reads.

In order to teach kids how to write to convicted criminals, the camp also offers a program called “Why Writing People in Prisons and Jails Matters.”

“Letter writing with incarcerated people encompasses our commitment to change, and the intersection of our priorities,” it says. “In order to fight for prison abolition, we must connect with and advocate for those most impacted by the prison industrial complex.”

A sketch of an individual in Antifa clothing who introduces himself as “your friendly neighborhood anti-fascist” delivers a lecture on tear gas in its “Tear Gas for Portlanders” class, explaining how it’s created, where it has been used, how much the city of Portland has spent on it, and why it should not be used.

The class claims that tear gas is yet another instrument in the toolbox of what it calls a racist police force.

In 2018, the city of Portland gave Budding Roses the Spirit of Portland Award for nonprofit endeavor of the year, as was originally reported in PJ Media; nevertheless, the recipients of the award, who were present to accept it, voiced ingratitude.

“As Budding Roses, our goal is to empower the voices of youth, especially those most affected by white supremacy and patriarchy, and we strive to embody in all our work that power comes not from authority, but from below,” the recipient said. “Unfortunately, we find it ironic to be presented this award from a city that doesn’t seem to share these values, given its history of using police violence against anti-racist activists while shielding racist demonstrators, and most recently a proposal by Mayor Ted Wheeler to enforce a restrictive protest policy.”

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