List Of America’s Most And Least Trusted Professions

Using the data from a study by Gallup, a list of America’s most and least trusted professions was created, with nurses, followed by doctors, and pharmacists, being the most trusted professionals in the country.

List Of America's Most And Least Trusted Professions 1

Compared to other professions, some have a better reputation for honesty.

According to Statista’s Katharina Buchholz, a Gallup study on the issue reveals that nurses, followed by doctors, and pharmacists, are the most trusted professionals in the country.

List Of America's Most And Least Trusted Professions 2

They have really been at the top of the list for two decades, and 79 percent of respondents in 2022—down from an all-time coronavirus high of 89 percent in 2020—rated them as being extremely honest and ethical.

List Of America's Most And Least Trusted Professions 3

Despite long-standing criticism of police conduct that reached a boiling point in the country in 2020, Americans also view teachers, judges, and law enforcement as trustworthy professions in addition to the healthcare sector.

Accountant, banker, and real estate agent are more professions that receive more positive than negative views.

For business executives, attorneys, journalists, and labour union leaders, public sentiment shifts, with distrust toward these professions dominating.

Since the commencement of the coronavirus pandemic, journalists have lost ground in the rankings more than any other profession.

Members of Congress are grouped with those from historically seen as dishonest occupations like car salespeople and telemarketers at the absolute bottom of the list. According to 62 percent of respondents, members of Congress have poor standards for decency and morality.

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  1. Sorry, but ….nope, this is definitely not representative of the large (and growing!) population of awake and aware people in America, who have completely lost trust in everything to do with the medical cult and its cultists. Gallup appeals only to the blue-haired idiocracy that is hypnotized by their television screens and are in a big line together, walking towards the cliff where they will meet their ends like lemmings. Nice try by the desperate globalist narratve-pushers to convince the world that everything is still “normal”….HA!

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