Airplane slot machine — how to play JetX

The protagonist of this videogame is an airplane that gives the player multipliers when it takes to the skies. Slot machines are not only about spinning the reels and trying to collect several symbols on one line. There are new and unusual options for gambling, and JetX from developer Smartsoft Gaming just like that.

What is Jet X? This is a video game whose mechanics are different, but the point remains the same — get the highest possible multiplier for your bet and win money.

If you are tired of standard slots with reels, be sure to try this option. And how to play JetX read in our review.

Design and theme of Jetx Bet

When you open a JetX Bet slot, you see an airport runway with a small plane on it. After you place your bet, the airplane takes off and takes off into the sky. The graphics are smooth and pleasant, although the design of the slot itself is cartoony and a bit retro.

Navigation in Jet X is very convenient and quite clear. There are:

  • fields where you can place a bet;
  • information about the players who also launched the slot;
  • list of odds that ended the previous rounds.

When the plane takes off into the sky, balloons and skydivers appear on the screen, so the game looks bright and funny.

Game process

To get acquainted with the mechanics of JetX Canada, you can use the demo mode. This feature is available to all players at the casino.

You need to make a bet while the screen is loading «passengers» onto the plane. Then, while the plane is flying, your bet will increase by the coefficient that is visible on the screen. You can take your money at any second. But at some point the plane explodes and your money goes to waste. You need to try to become a predictor of the moment of disaster.

So the goal is to take the money before the plane blows up, but with as high a coefficient as possible.

This gamble is absolutely unpredictable. No one knows if the odds go up to 20 or explode into 1.2. Therefore, there is no JetX strategy that could guarantee you a win.

How to collect your winnings

When you are betting, the button for this is yellow. When the plane takes off, it turns green and displays your current winnings. To pick it up, you just need to click on the green button, and the funds will appear on your balance. Here is how to withdraw money from JetX.

This game is very easy to use, it is dynamic and, of course, gambling. Therefore, it is very popular among gamblers. It is very easy to quickly double your bet here, so you can earn good money.

Canadian gamblers can get acquainted with this unusual slot on the Parimatch Canada website. This is a reliable platform where you can play airplane games for free or with your dollars.

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